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Westminster Dog Show: Pekingese wins ‘Best in Show.’ Eh?

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 at 10:53 am in Dog Show, Westminster.

Malachy, a Pekingese, won Best in Show at Westminster. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Pekingese wins Best in Show at Westminster

Malachy, a Pekingese, won Best in Show at the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Tuesday night,  at Madison Square Garden in New York.

My wife and I watched part of the show on television, but we ran out of gas before it was time for Best in Show. I was rooting for the Doberman, a VERY classy dog, but never in a million years did I figure I would wake up this morning to find that a little ball of over-combed fluffy dog hair with two eyes and a fat tongue had won first prize in the “Super Bowl” of dog shows.

What about the Doberman, the Irish setter, Dachshunds, whippet, Norwegian elkhound, dalmatian, shepherds, sheepdog, pointers, boxer … and all the other hounds, toys, non-sporting, herding, and working dogs and terriers? You know, dogs that look like dogs?

Yeah, I know. That’s the way with any contest I guess. Somebody’s got to win. But a little ball of dog hair?

What do you think? /Gary

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16 Responses to “Westminster Dog Show: Pekingese wins ‘Best in Show.’ Eh?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I’m very happy the Peke won! I love Pekes!!! We’ve had 3 and they have been wonderful, loving pets. I loved ‘smash-faced’ dogs. They are adorable!!!

  2. Barbara Says:

    Well you’ve got to remember that Best in Show is the animal that is the best representative of its breed. Get all the boxes checked and there you go. This one must have had a full dance card. I have to admit he’s awfully cute…is that one of boxes?

  3. Martha Says:

    Gary, I’m with you. I thought the Doberman was certain to win.

  4. Gayle Says:

    Each dog was bred over the years for a purpose. That Peke looks like a great lap warmer! I would love to borrow one to be my Roomba in the parrot room. Imagine all the debris that would accumulate on that little dust mop!

  5. Esther Says:

    Well, he’s unforgettable. I hope those long-haired dogs got a haircut after the show!

  6. Linda Mc Mahon Says:

    Yep! Malachy deserved to win. I DID see the end of the show, and Malachy rolled his eyes at the judge, stuck out his little pink tongue, and showed a lot of personality.

  7. Diane S Says:

    I have to agree that the little Peek wasn’t my first choice. He is a little lap dog – and really, I didn’t see the personality that was in other dogs. I missed all that made Best in Show, but let me just say that some day the Golden Retriever will make it to the winner’s circle. If I believe it, it will come true!!! :)

  8. Marla Says:

    Diane S, I’m with you!

  9. Jenny Treanor Says:

    I felt the same way! I am no expert, just a dog lover. I felt the Doberman and the Irish Setter were the two contenders for Best in Show! Maybe you ‘had to be there’ to have experienced the winning-ness of that Pekinese. As a Labrador owner< I would have liked to see a dog win that had actual personality.

    I still enjoyed the show and will continue watching. Just was extremely disappointed with the finale. No offense to the Peke, but seriously?

  10. T. Jensen Says:

    The doberman or Irish setter should have won. The Pekingese wasn’t even on my radar to win. No offense to peke lovers but what a disappointment.

  11. Karen S. Says:

    Irish Setters and Dobermans have won Best in Show 5 times before. The crowd was cheering for the Wire-haired Dachshund and the Dalmatian. It would be more credible if other breeds won instead of the same ones.

  12. Liz Rutter Says:

    Pekinese have won Westminster at least 3 times, along with other small dogs like papillons, toy poodles, bichon frises, pugs. Genetically, all dogs are practically the same, just a tiny variation of one gene. Anyway, Malachy looks very deserving to me, as did the Scottish Deerhound last year. That dog could be criticized for being TOO big. Are you suggesting only middle-sized to large dogs are worth Best Dog?

  13. annette holdiman Says:

    what a hoot to read as this was my sentiments exactly. it’s like rooting for a gorgeous magnificent Spanish Stallion and you find out the miniature horse takes the prize. just doesn’t seem right.

  14. Gary Bogue Says:

    Liz: I’m not suggesting that only middle-sized to large dogs are worth Best Dog. I just like to at least be able to see the dog under all that fur. Otherwise, any size is cool with me. /Gary

  15. Barbara Says:

    A Peke? Nah … they’re feline wannabes. Actually a yipping reminder to change WindTunnel after vacuuming. A Boston or Manchester Terrier would have been more of a canine.

  16. Barbara L. Says:

    I was rooting for both the Dachshund and the Dobie. The Peke must be a top representative of his breed, but to me he looked like an out-of-breath dust mop waddling along the floor. The views of his face I got reminded me of a monkey — sorry, Peke lovers! The good news is we all love our own dogs.

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