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Calif. Animal Legislation: Will these new laws affect you?

By Gary Bogue
Friday, February 17th, 2012 at 6:55 am in Animal Laws, Animal protection legislation.

Golden retriever (AKC)
golden ret.

If you like or dislike any of the following new proposed legislation, write your legislators and the governor and tell them how you feel about it … BEFORE they become laws. Contact information is at the bottom of this posting. /Gary


Next Legislative Meeting: Thurs, March 8, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Room 115, Capitol Building, Sacramento. Deadline for new bills is Feb 24. Many more animal bills, good and bad, will be introduced.

*** AB 610 by Assembly Member Jose Solorio re: Spay/Neuter License Plates. SUPPORT.
A pilot program lowering the number of pre-ordered spay/neuter license plates from the current 7,500 to 3,500 the first year. The second year requires 4,000 orders. Proceeds will fund spay/neuter programs.
Write: Senate Transportation Committee. Senator Mark DeSaulnier, Chair. Tell him the license plate program is a great way for the public to support badly needed and under-funded spay/neuter programs.

Black-tailed deer (Brian Murphy/Walnut Creek, CA)

*** Budget Bill and Hayden Law AB 1463 by Assembly Member Bob Blumenfield and SB 957 by Senator Mark Leno
Since 2009 the Budget has appropriated no money to pay for expenses incurred for several sections of the Hayden law. The Hayden law has cost the State many millions of dollars which they say they cannot afford and haven’t paid. (The state cannot mandate programs that cost money to the cities/counties without paying for them.) The Budget has declared them “suspended” (see Section 8885-295-001). It remains on the books but the state doesn’t reimburse cities/counties for their animal control costs. The Hayden law is one of 32 proposed suspended mandates which are candidates for repeal. If repealed, holding periods of 4 to 6 business days will go back to “72 hours from time of capture” for stray dogs/cats and no mandatory holding of rabbits, reptiles, birds, etc. Also up for repeal is “necessary and prompt veterinary care,” mandatory lost and found lists, record keeping, feral cat temperament tests, and allowing cats “determined to be truly feral” to be euthanized or placed with a rescue group. Surrendered animal holds remain the same as does cooperation with rescue organizations.
Hearing: Assembly Budget Sub-Committee #4, March 13, 1:30 p.m., Room 447.
Write: Assembly Members Joan Buchanan, Chair, Michael Allen, Roger Dickinson, Dan Logue, Don Wagner. Governor Jerry Brown, Assembly Member Bob Blumenfield, Chair of Assembly Budget Committee and Senator Mark Leno, Chair, Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. Governor Jerry Brown, Assembly Member Bob Blumenfield, Chair of Assembly Budget Committee and Senator Mark Leno, Chair, Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. Ask them not to introduce or support a repeal. Keeping it on “suspense” and on the books costs the state nothing while repealing it will cost animals their lives.

*** ACA 12 by Assembly Member Mike Gatto re: Initiatives. OPPOSE.
Amends the Constitution to allow the Legislature to propose amendments to an initiative. If proponents agree with the amendments that version goes to the ballot. If rejected by proponents, those amendments must be presented with the ballot materials.
Write: Your Assembly Member. Tell him/her ACA 12 is an attempt to inhibit and complicate the public’s right to participate in the initiative process. Wildlife and farm animals have benefitted through initiatives.

*** SB 969 by Senator Juan Vargas re: Groomers. SUPPORT.
Requires testing, licensing and regulation of groomers under the Veterinary Medical Board and provides minimum standards in housing, handling, and record keeping.
Write: Senator Curren Price, Chair, Senate Business and Professions. Tell him animals have been injured and killed (shaving off nipples, hanging from grooming tables, burned by drying cages). We entrust our animals to groomers and should be confident they are qualified.

1416 – 9TH STREET, ROOM 1311, SACRAMENTO, CA 95814; TEL: 916-653-5656

Among the recommendations being considered by the Fish & Wildlife Strategic Vision includes renaming the Fish & Game Department and Commission; increasing the membership from 5 to 7; appointing Commissioners who have expertise in one the many issues that are under the jurisdiction of the Commission.
Strategic Vision Membership
Among the 49 members of Strategic Vision, there is a representative of Tejon Ranch, Eileen Reynolds. Tejon Ranch has recently been fined $136.000 for the illegal killing/poaching of at least 11 mountain lions to prevent them from competing with trophy animals.
Write: Resources Secretary John Laird, Governor Jerry Brown, and Assembly Member Jared Huffman. Tell them the Commission needs to represent the public, not just hunting …  and the Commission’s membership and name, such as California Fish & Wildlife, should reflect their broader responsibilities. Tejon Ranch, a hunting ranch guilty of poaching, should be immediately removed from the Strategic Vision process.

Copies of bills: To find your legislator see your local phone book under State Government. See  Assembly and Senate. If more than one is listed, call one to see which is yours.

Governor Jerry Brown and Legislators: State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814 … Phone: Governor Brown 916-445-2841, fax 916-558-3160. Legislators 916-322-9900 (Capitol Directory)

Snail mail is still the best. A lot of e-mails are not read or printed out. Always include your address

List compiled by: Virginia Handley 510-222-2236.
Paw PAC, PO Box 20425, El Sobrante, CA 94820; 510-222-2236 … E-mail:

Your donation to Paw PAC by check or PayPal allows us to continue with alerts, legislative meetings, hearings, Voting Charts, and endorsements.

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