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These animals REALLY need your help

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 at 7:11 am in Cats, dogs.

“Cece” needs a loving home! (Berkeley Animal Care Services)

Dear readers: These special animals REALLY need friends. Can you help? Thanks for caring. /Gary

Can you please help “Cece” find her forever home?
Cece is an affectionate, middle-aged pit bull type dog who is looking to finally have a place she can call home.

Cece arrived at Berkeley Animal Care Services in August, 2010, and stayed at the shelter for about eight months. This long stay actually did her quite a bit of good. She was dumped at the shelter, clearly having just been bred, and she was an untrained, unsocialized dog. Her time at the shelter gave her a chance to learn basic commands, attend training classes, and improve her behavior around other dogs.

Cece has a misaligned kneecap which will require surgery to fix, and she did not do well on the concrete floors at the shelter. She is now with Anydog Rescue, and BACS volunteers have raised the money for the surgery. However, she needs a foster or adoptive home before the surgery can take place, because her current situation is not ideal for her recuperation. She will be on pain medication as she recovers, will be restricted to short walks at first, and needs a home that can make sure to give her the attention she needs as she recovers.

Cece is about 5 or 6 years old. She would prefer to be the only dog in a house, but she would be OK with a well-matched mate (though she doesn’t do well with smaller dogs). Her energy level is average at best – she does not require a great deal of exercise. She currently lives in Vallejo.

*** For more info, contact: Marta Wolfe at Anydog Rescue. E-mail:, or 707-567-2560. More about Anydog Rescue at

“Cece” needs a loving home! (Berkeley Animal Care Services)

I have a major problem and am turning to you as a last resort for help.  A family in my neighborhood moved out of their foreclosed home and left their pets behind.  Since I could not bear to see these animals suffer, I took them in.  Louie is a beautiful long-haired cat, and Bonita is a senior terrier mix.  Unfortunately, I cannot keep these animals due to my granddaughter’s allergies.  I know that if I am forced to take them to the SPCA they will be put down.

I contacted one organization in Berkeley that takes in senior dogs, but only from specific cities.  I am hoping that someone may find it in their heart to help these animals so they won’t be put down.  They are both sweet, loveable animals who get along with everyone.  If you know of anyone or any organization that can provide for them, I would be eternally gratefully.  Thank you!
***  Sue Rainey …  E-mail:

I am looking for a group or an individual that would take a declawed wonderful senior cat that needs to be indoors. She appears to be loving, gentle, affectionate Tortie.

Due to my living circumstances I am not able to keep her. Please let me know if you can help me find a loving home for her. I will be able to keep her temporarily  until we can find a home for her. Thank you so much,
*** Marcia Bender … E-mail:

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