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Anyone lost your pet emu? Two emus were spotted in Briones Regional Park

By Gary Bogue
Friday, March 2nd, 2012 at 7:50 am in coyotes, EMU.

Two emus in Briones Regional Park. Photo by Bill Green, Martinez, CA
1emus bill green martinez

I saw a pair of Emus in Briones Regional Park last week (Feb. 20-25). Where did they come from?
Bill Green, Martinez, California

You are the second person to report these emus (see other report below). I’m not sure where they came from. They obviously escaped from someplace. I’m trying to track them down even as we speak. I do know there are a few emus living here and there on farms and in some backyards around the San Francisco Bay Area. Keep an eye on this blog for any future information. /Gary

Emu seen in Briones Regional Park. Photo by Kevin Barry, Pacheco, CA.
1emu kevin barry pacheco

Have you heard of the Emu at Briones? While hiking with my daughter and grandson last Saturday (Feb. 25) we were amazed to see this big bird on the Valley Trail near a small pond. We also saw two coyotes in the general area.
Quite a nature day in Briones.

Do you know if the East Bay Regional Park District has a plan for this bird?
Kevin Barry, Pacheco, California

I’m trying to get in touch with the park district to try and find out if they even know they have a big exotic emu running around one of their parks. I’ll let you know if and when I find out anything.

That BIG bird should be able to hold its own against any hungry coyotes. /Gary

Emu spotted in Briones Regional Park. Photo by Bill green, Martinez, CA
1emu bill green martinez

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6 Responses to “Anyone lost your pet emu? Two emus were spotted in Briones Regional Park”

  1. Marla Says:

    Wow, what a cool thing to spot!

  2. Gayle Says:

    Can you imagine what the flocks of wild turkey think when they see these guys? Whoa! There’s a new bird in town!

  3. jim caroompas Says:

    Hi Gary,
    My guess is that these Emus escaped from Tom Powers’ ranch. He has several of them on the border of Briones, at the corner of Bear Creek Road and Alhambra Valley Road. They are rescue Emus, and it’s quite possible that somehow a couple of them escaped and are wandering the park.

  4. Barbara Says:

    Hey Jim, that’s exactly what I was thinking. He also has a ram and some sheep?

  5. Derek Says:

    I saw them too; It blew my mind. I’ve made it my top priority to find them again and CATCH THEM

  6. Sherri Says:

    Two Emus used to live right off 680 in Danville/Alamo but I have not seen them in weeks. Coincidence?

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