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Mother Goose Family update

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 at 6:23 am in Mother Goose.

Goslings grazing on grass. They’ve really grown! Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
1heather5 ann bill concord

Finally got to Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek after the rain stopped.  Mom, Dad & babes were there and the only family there. Saw maybe 20 adults, but no other youngsters.
Ann & Bill, Concord, California

Ann & Bill:
Thanks for taking the time to track down Mother Goose and her family so my readers can see that they are doing well! Much appreciated.

The following information is what I wrote in today’s column for the Bay Area News Group newspapers (for those who don’t read my columns). It’s a roundup of what has happened to Mother Goose and her little family since her eggs hatched and the four goslings jumped off their rooftop nest site at the Contra Costa Times. Also more of your great photos!

Climbing out of Heather Farm Lake. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
1heather4 ann bill concord

FROM THE NEWSPAPERS: Here’s an update on the Mother Goose family for those of you who’d like to know:

**** The four baby goslings jumped off the roof here at the Contra Costa Times on April 6, and we herded them to the little artificial pond at a business next door.

**** Two of the original six eggs were sterile and didn’t hatch. Mother Goose also had a sterile egg last year.

Cruising the lake. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
1heather3 ann bill concord

**** One of the goslings was slightly stunned by the “big jump” but it had recovered by the time we reached the pond.

**** Photos by Ann and Bill, of Concord, were posted in my blog on April 9. These great photos show Mother and Dad Goose and their four little goslings paddling around and having a good time in the artificial pond.

**** On Monday, Ann and Bill tracked the Mother Goose family down to Heather Farm Park, in Walnut Creek, and took more photos of them following each other around the large artificial lake and climbing out and eating grass on the beach.

**** All four goslings (and mom and dad) look like they are really doing fine. The four goslings are getting pretty big.

More cruising the lake. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
1heather2 ann bill concord

**** There’s a cement canal a few blocks from the Times that travels through Heather Farm Park. Mother Goose eventually walks her goslings to this canal every year, and they all have a nice paddle to the bigger Heather Farm lake, where they’ll stay until the goslings are large enough to fly.

Until next year, everyone! /Gary

Checking out Heather Farm Lake. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
1heather ann bill concord

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13 Responses to “Mother Goose Family update”

  1. maddy cefalo Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to see this family come to life.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you for posting these pictures! I missed the actual jumping from the roof event and felt like I missed out on everything. The little family is very charming. I wonder if geese ever “double clutch”? Will this be it for them for the year?

  3. Gayle Says:

    I love happily ever afters! Mother and Papa Goose are excellent parents. I love seeing them here caring for their growing goslings. Thank you Ann and Bill of Concord! Great photos and a great story!

  4. Priscilla Says:

    Fortunately I was able to see the goslings on their first day and barely got to watch as they disappeared over the ledge. I actually let out a gasp when the one gosling went off, what a surprise! Glad to see the pictures and able to follow their journey. Thank you so much for sharing. It is wonderful to have some really good news and know that things are well and Spring does come to those that wait.

  5. Norma Cureaux Says:

    Thanks for sharing this experience with me. I actually saw one jump off the roof. It was amazing the compassion those two men showed for the one that did not recover right away.
    Thanks for the update, glad to know that Mom Dad and babies are all ok.

  6. Hema Says:

    I went to Heather farms today and one gosling was missing!!!!Does any one know what happened?
    Also the idea of them jumping on the concrete is scary! Maybe they should have a safety net ready next time!

  7. Margie Siegal Says:

    (1) I am concerned about a pair of mallards at Richmond Marina. I have a small boat there. About a month ago, we docked the boat, only to be immediately greeted by the mallards, who seemed healthy, happy and extremely human habituated. A week ago, the mallards again turned up. Ms. Duck spent much time watching us repairing the outboard. She was standing on the dock, two feet away from the boat, at one point brushing against one of my crew’s pant leg. As friendly as they are, they may become prey to an unscrupulous human, or get sick from too many potato chips fed by a clueless human.

    (2) Late for the Unusual Nest Contest: Vladimir and Ludovna have set up nestkeeping for the second year in a row on the horizontal bar of a metal cross sculpture bolted to the facade of the church across the street. The church is encouraging the beaky pair. Vladimir sits on the church roof, alert for threats to the safety of Ludovna and their eggs. Last year, they raised two large noisy black offspring.

  8. Kaaren Smith Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful update! I am so upset with the San Mateo Times only printing your column on Monday and Friday. Your column is one of the reasons I stick with this paper besides info from north peninsula. Used to be everyday. I might have to try another paper. I live in Redwood City.

  9. Jacqueline Andrews Says:

    Gary, my husband and I went to the lake at Heather Farms Park (the one with the fountain in the middle) the other day. We saw only one goose family among quite a few single geese, but the family only had 3 goslings. Do you have any idea if this is “our” family, and if so, what happened to the fourth baby? We are so concerned for them, almost as if they are our own children. Thanks for any information you can give us. Such fun to watch!

  10. Gary Bogue Says:

    Jacqueline & Hema: I received a report that one of Mother Goose’s goslings had somehow broken its leg. It was taken to Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek and the wildlife veterinarian in their wildlife hospital set the leg and is treating the gosling. When the leg heals, the plan is to return the gosling to its family. I’ll let everyone know when that happens. /Gary

  11. Jacqueline Andrews Says:

    Thanks, Gary. I will continue to watch for further updates. Sure do hope the leg mends well, and that the parents will accept the gosling back again. We do so enjoy your column. We live in the Saranap area of Walnut Creek, and have Las Trampas creek running in back of our house, so we hear Canada geese every day. Such a beautiful sound! One year, one even nested in the huge oak tree across the creek. Never did see any babies, though. Thanks again for your devotion to the animal world. Brightens each day so much!

  12. Ann Says:

    HiJacqueline, After goslings leg healed at Lindsay Wildlife Hospital, he was transferred to International Bird Rescue and Recovery Center in Fairfield where he could swim. I returned him/her to his family at Heather Farms last Monday. ‘Babe”, as I call him, is wearing a band on his leg and walks with a limp. They have company now with a combined family of 11 younger ones and 2 others that are even younger. Hopefully all live happily ever after.
    Ann & Bill, Concord

  13. Jacqueline Andrews Says:

    Thanks, Ann, for the update. I love happy endings…especially animal ones, and especially on Mother’s Day. Next time we are out near Heather Farms Park (later this week) we will stop by to see if we can see all the “community”. Isn’t nature wonderful?

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