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Daughter Goose takes over Mother Goose’s nest, lays eggs

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at 8:40 am in Daughter Goose, Mother Goose.

Goose nesting on Contra Costa Times rooftop. (Times photo)
cct goose

Return of the Gosling

A new Canada goose has moved in to use the old nest left by Mother Goose! First time THAT has happened!

This appears to be a young goose. She’s smaller than Mother Goose, has sharper features and is a bit more slender. I think it’s one of Mother Goose’s goslings, maybe from last year. Bird chicks will often return to where they were hatched and build their own nests … or use their old nest if it’s still there.

Just for fun, I’ve named this goose, “Daughter Goose.” Personally, I do think this IS one of Mother Goose’s chicks. This nest on our newspaper’s roof is way too difficult for other geese to find. It’s on a small rooftop off the main roof and hidden by redwood trees. It’s just too much of a coincidence to have her move in and take over this nest just a couple of days after Mother Goose left with her chicks.

So Daughter Goose it is. And here is the link to click on so you can watch her on our Daughter Goose Webcam:

It takes 28 days for the eggs to hatch (I think there are 6 eggs in the nest). Based on when we think Daughter Goose laid these eggs, I’m guessing they’ll probably hatch sometime during the week of May 7-13.

We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime … ENJOY!! /Gary

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5 Responses to “Daughter Goose takes over Mother Goose’s nest, lays eggs”

  1. guest Says:

    please put something soft for the poor little goslings to land on when they leave the nest!!!
    please, please, please!!! thank you!

  2. Barbara Diskowski Says:

    Dear Gary,

    Daughter Goose is having a very hard time leaving the one egg that has not hatched. Her 4 little goslings and the Drake are up on the roof patiently waiting for Daughter Goose to lead the way in jumping down. No water for them in many hours.

    Can somebody on the staff help her?


  3. kerry Says:

    Hi Gary

    Can you update us on daughter goose and goslings ? Looks like they finally jumped last night but 2 hrs later goose returned to the nest. And this morning 3 geese were at nest. Are the goslings OK ? Such good young parents. Amazing to watch but lots of mother nature drama..I am exhausted !! Thanks for doing the cam and telling their story.. Will they ever leave the sterile egg alone or do they know something we don’t ??


  4. Linda Kelly Says:

    I looked 1 or 2 in on Mother’s Day and saw goslings. Today there is only an egg, and no links to video to see what happened. Did they make it?

  5. CG Says:

    Who is the goose on the nest, now? It can’t be Daughter Goose since she and the babies have left..yesterday there were 3 geese hanging around the nest, now its one today, maybe one of the 3..whats going on? Another of Mother Gooses’ offspring?

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