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Cat & wild fawn playing together!

By Gary Bogue
Friday, May 25th, 2012 at 6:42 am in Cats, deer.

Cat playing with wild fawn. Photo by Kim Andrews, Forest Ranch, CA
1catfawn kim andrews forest ranch ca

I just got this e-mail and photos from my daughter-in-law, Kim Andrews,  in Forest Ranch, CA, (about 30 miles north of Chico).  She does cat rescue and just loves doing it.  Tommy is one of her rescues she just couldn’t part with.

NOTE FROM KIM: Attached is a photo of our cat, Tommy T. (which stands for trouble), playing with a wild fawn that comes on our property on occasion.  He is a bold kitty!  He just turned 1 last week.  That means that he is 15 in human years and he is a typical teenager.  He gives lots of  ‘tude’. It is a beautiful spring day in Forest Ranch. /KIM
Anna Andrews, Walnut Creek, California

Great photos! They remind me of my days, many years ago, in the wildlife rescue business. I had a couple of orphan fawns I was raising in my backyard. My house cat, John, used to stalk the fawns and then they’d romp together around the yard, playing and chasing each other, then they’d rest and take naps together. Go figure. /Gary

Cat stalking and playing with wild fawn. Photo by Kim Andrews, Forest Ranch, CA
1catfawn2 kim andrews forest ranch ca

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  1. Marla Says:

    That is so cute!

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