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Kestrel & mourning dove — “Good fences make good neighbors”

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, July 5th, 2012 at 5:40 am in Kestrel, Mourning dove.

“Good fences make good neighbors.” Dove and kestrel check each other out. Photo by Linda Mosley, Antioch
1dove hawk linda mosley antioch

Peace in our neighborhood!

Just thought I would share with you our view yesterday (June 30) afternoon on our backyard fence. A young, we believe, kestrel on the left and an adult mourning dove on the right. They would look at each other and then look away.  They stayed that way for almost 10 minutes!
Linda Mosley, Antioch, California

Just one of those neat little encounters that probably happens in backyards everywhere every day. The kestrel, a little falcon, is a bird of prey, a predator. The mourning dove, probably the most peaceful bird in town, gets along with everybody.

Both birds are approximately the same size, hence the “let’s keep this relationship at arm’s (wing’s?) length. Nobody gets hurt. Everyone goes away happy.  Would that everything in life be this simple. /Gary

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One Response to “Kestrel & mourning dove — “Good fences make good neighbors””

  1. Parrot Nanny Gayle Says:

    Now, if that little kestrel saw a fence lizard on that fence, there might be a different story…

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