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Chipmunk spotted in Walnut Creek yard

By Gary Bogue
Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 7:14 am in Chipmunk.

Chipmunk in Walnut Creek backyard. Photo by Madeleine Gallagher, Walnut Creek, CA.
1chipmunk madeleine gallagher wc

Chipmunk spotted in Walnut Creek yard.

Here is a photo of our new resident chipmunk, and another of our lizards sunning themselves.  The chipmunk’s arrival is a mystery – we have lived in Walnut Creek for over 30 years and we have never had a chipmunk in our yard. This little guy arrived a few weeks ago and is eating the birdseed fallen on the ground. He seems to be alone and stops by in the afternoon – I put some sunflower seeds out for him.   If this is not a native Walnut Creek chipmunk, where do you suppose he came from? My husband thinks he hitched a ride with our neighbors, who returned from camping a few weeks ago.
Madeleine Gallagher, Walnut Creek, California

We do not have chipmunks in the Bay Area … so it has to come from someplace else. If your neighbors just returned from camping … that seems to be a possibility. It has happened before. A little rodent is caught snoozing in a box of camping equipment/food and gets a free ride home to a new area. Do you know where your neighbors went camping?

Here’s a link to photos of different species of chipmunks found in California. See if you can identify what species your new resident chipmunk might be and then try to match it up with the location where your neighbors went camping, or vice versa: /Gary

Western fence lizards sunning on a rock in a Walnut Creek backyard. Photo by Madeleine Gallagher, Walnut Creek, CA.
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