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What happened to the goldfish in my backyard pond?

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, July 12th, 2012 at 5:29 am in Great blue herons.

Great blue heron photo by Dave Harper, Oakley, CA.
1gbheron dave harper oakley

Ever wondered what happened to the goldfish in your backyard pond?

Maybe a great blue heron stopped by for a visit one day when you weren’t looking.

As far as a heron is concerned … a pond is a pond is a pond … whether it be a wild pond in the middle of an oak woodland area, or an artificial pond in your backyard by the patio.

These great birds see it all, I’m sure, as they fly over our suburban dwellings.

Make sure your ponds are deep with rocks on the bottom where the fish can hide. /Gary

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One Response to “What happened to the goldfish in my backyard pond?”

  1. Christina Says:

    Could be a raccoon…!

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