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Mockingbird parent feeding its chick

By Gary Bogue
Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 5:55 am in Mockingbird.

Mockingbird parent feeding a baby. Photo by Joannah Henrichs, El Cerrito, CA
1mocker & baby joanna henrichs el cerrito

My neighbor cut back a tree close to our front window in which mockingbirds were nesting. On going to the front window the next day, I saw this babe (above) in our junipers and was lucky enough to get this shot just as the adult came with a beak full! The chick managed somehow to get into another tree close by, although it was not flying yet, and we watched for about 6 days as the parents took care of it before it was able to take off.

It was astounding to see that little (or not so little!) bird being cared for and reared without its nest. I’ve wondered what may have happened to the others in the nest. But at least one survived. It’s sad when people cannot wait to cut trees, even when advised there are nests in the tree. Oh well.

It’s been a wonderful Spring!
Joannah Henrichs, El Cerrito, California

Think positive. Maybe the other chicks manage to flutter to a nearby neighbor’s yard where the mom, assisted by the dad, was also feeding them there. We can only hope.

Trees should be trimmed at the end of summer … and then, only after checking to make sure the birds have finished nesting. Anyone can check, by the way, by calling the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek at 925-935-1978. Ask to speak to the wildlife hospital. Explain you want to trim your trees and and ask if the birds have stopped nesting. Thanks for caring, folks! /Gary.

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One Response to “Mockingbird parent feeding its chick”

  1. Ann & Bill Says:

    What a wonderful action shot. I love it when I snap at just the right time.

    Gary,I might as well cancel my subscription to the paper. You are the first and sometimes the only thing I read. Your wonderful advise and sense of humor over the years can never be matched. Will all your blogs from 2005 on remain so we can look back on some fond memories?
    Thanks for speaking for the animals.
    Best wishes, Ann & Bill, Concord

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