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Golden eagles are MUCH bigger than red-tailed hawks

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 5:53 am in Golden eagles, Red-tailed hawk.

Two immature red-tailed hawks. Photo by Jennifer Dayrell, Livermore, CA
1red-tailed hawks jennifer dayrell livermore

We saw these birds at Sycamore Grove Park south of Livermore last weekend. Are they eagles?
Jenni Dayrell, Livermore, California

These are immature red-tailed hawks. They are about 19 inches tall and weigh around 2-3 pounds. Golden eagles are about 30+ inches tall and weigh 10-12 pounds. That’s a considerable size difference. If it’s a big bird, it’s probably a red-tail. If it’s the biggest bird you ever saw, figure it’s a golden. /Gary

Adult golden eagle

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3 Responses to “Golden eagles are MUCH bigger than red-tailed hawks”

  1. Ann & Bill Says:

    I’ve asked this question before, but in hopes that you will see it, I’ll ask again. Will this blog of entries starting 2005 remain available to us?

  2. Carol J. Says:

    Yes, I’m worried like Ann & Bill…..people need the blog information for reference.
    We will sure miss your column and this blog!

  3. Ria Tanz Kubota Says:

    Gary Bogue,
    You have made my life better with your wisdom, expertise, and generosity and your column has been a gift of living in this county. May your retirement give you back what you gave to people, pets, and wild things of our area. In my tradition, you get back three times what you give. May it be so for you. Blessed be, and Thank you!

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