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Albino ground squirrel spotted in Livermore

Albino ground squirrel in Livermore, CA. Photo by Frank Jurik, Pleasanton, CA
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Thought I’d send you a couple of pictures of a unusual albino ground squirrel that I have seen several times in Livermore’s Holdener Park.
Don’t know how rare these are but as a long-time bike rider and hiker in the Livermore Valley I have never seen one.  It took several attempts to get close enough to get these shots.  The area that he/she inhabits is home to a very large population of ground squirrels and also raptors.   It amazing that he has survived so long as he stands out so clearly in the brown grass compared to the others.  Must be a smart one.
Frank Jurik, Pleasanton, California

First albino ground squirrel I’ve seen. Interesting that it has such a large tail for a ground squirrel. Almost looks like a tree squirrel.  I suspect the birds of prey are a little confused and maybe frightened by that big white squirrel running around in the field and maybe a little cautious about trying to catch it. Unusual things like that sometimes cause predators to back off a little. At least the birds of prey. Not sure that would make any difference to a hungry coyote. Let’s hope the squirrel is also a smart one. /Gary

Posted on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
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