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Animal Defenders International urges Congress to protect animals from cruelty

Abused dog. Photo by Flickr user AmazonCARES used under a Creative Commons License.
AmazonCARES flickr

Dear Gary:
Animal Defenders International (ADI) urged Congress to take immediate action after a landmark Supreme Court ruling has left vulnerable animals without protection against extreme violence and cruelty.  The Court decided that legislation passed 10 years ago to prevent extreme acts of cruelty, such as in dog fighting and “crush” videos, must be set aside.
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Posted on Monday, April 26th, 2010
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Do you want to be an animal activist?

Animal Activist Training Class at Animal Place sanctuary, 3448 Laguna Creek Trail, Vacaville, 9 a.m.-noon Saturday (Sept. 27); $10 per person.

An interactive and informative training session with facts about farmed animals and tools on how you can help. Learn effective letter writing, legislation, tabling, leafleting, personal ways to help and more. Sanctuary tour is included.

Call 707-449-4814 to sign up, or visit and click on Animal Activist Training under Upcoming Events.

Want to get involved and help farm animals? This is a great program. Check it out. /Gary

Posted on Thursday, September 25th, 2008
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Animal Liberation Front (ALF) terrorists strike again


I just received the following press release from Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD, the Animal Liberation Press Office , 6320 Canoga Ave., #1500, Woodland Hills, CA 91367:

For Immediate Release September 23, 2008:
“In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claims to have set ablaze another UCLA van as part of their campaign to force the university to stop torturing and killing non-human primates in their laboratories.
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Posted on Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
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Animal rights terrorists must be stopped!

SANTA CRUZ — Firebombs were intentionally set on a porch and in a car belonging to two UC Santa Cruz researchers in separate incidents early Saturday in what police have classified as acts of domestic terrorism.

Police are calling one of the bombings an attempted homicide.
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Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2008
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Wolves removed from endangered list and will now be hunted

This information has been compiled from Associated Press stories. Sarcastic asides are mine.

Gray wolves in the Northern Rockies will be removed from the endangered species list, following a 13-year restoration effort that helped the animal’s population soar, federal officials said Thursday. An estimated 1,500 wolves now roam Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

The feds giveth … and the feds taketh away.

“Gray wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains are thriving and no longer require the protection of the Endangered Species Act,” said Interior Deputy Secretary Lynn Scarlett. “The wolf’s recovery in the Northern Rocky Mountains is a conservation success story.”

The restoration effort, however, has been unpopular with ranchers and many others in the three states since it began in the mid-1990s, and today some state leaders want the population thinned significantly. The states could allow hunters to target the animals as soon as this fall. That angers environmental groups, which plan to sue over the delisting and say it’s too soon to remove federal protection.

“The enduring hostility to wolves still exists,” said Earthjustice attorney Doug Honnold, who is preparing the lawsuit. “We’re going to have hundreds of wolves killed under state management. It’s a sad day for our wolves.”

Management … a.k.a. hunting.

Wildlife agencies in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming have already begun crafting rules for wolf hunts. Officials say the hunts will be similar to those for other big game species such as mountain lions and black bears.

Oh, boy … new hunting revenue for the states. That’s why they helped the wolf population to recover, right?

Here are some reactions to the decision to remove wolves from the endangered species list, also compiled from the Associated Press:

** “This announcement is great news. It signals that the state’s work has paid off and we’re ready to assume the full responsibilities of managing wolves.” (Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal)

** “Far more wolves are needed before the species can be considered truly recovered.” (Louisa Wilcox, senior wildlife advocate for Natural Resources Defense Council)

** “We reached the delisting goals in the recovery plan years ago, and Idaho is ready to manage wolves. Unfortunately, if history is a guide, radical preservationists will sue the federal government over this decision.” ( U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho)

** “Unfortunately, the current state plans seem designed to lead only to the dramatic decline and need for quick relisting of the wolf. That’s not in anyone’s best interest.” (Rodger Schlickeisen, president of Defenders of Wildlife)

So how do you feel about wolves being taken off the endangered species list so they can be managed (hunted)? Please add your comments below. /Gary

You’ll find more details on the wolf delisting at

Posted on Friday, February 22nd, 2008
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Animal Liberation Front disables 8 tournament fishing boats
This morning I received the following missive from the “North American Animal Liberation Press Office”:

“On the night of August 5, the ALF commenced Operation White Marlin. The White Marlin Open is the biggest sport fishing tournament in the world. Killers from all over the world competed to slaughter the lives of our brothers and sisters.

“Ex-military members of the Animal Liberation Front donned scuba gear and tactical equipment and took to the sea. 8 boats were permanently disengaged and disabled with their props welded and holes cut in the hulls allowing them to fill with water.

“Unfortunately there were 400 boats involved in the slaughter. 8 will never be used again.

“By Wednesday night the marina was heavily patrolled by coast guard and security and they attempted to divert boats to other marinas. Little did they know the ALF was in the water beneath them tracking the boats with their middle fingers extended.

“ … the tournament continued but with fewer boats. Below is the slaughter’s names, boats and docking areas. We urge activists to take appropriate measures.

“Till Every Life Is Respected. — ALF”

I am, of course, NOT including the list of fishermen’s names, boat names and docking area information that was included with the above information. I just thought you might like to see that there are some pretty scary people out there, doing nasty things in the name of animal welfare.

There are a lot of good things being done for wild and domestic animals these days by national groups such as The Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, etc. … and by local groups in my area such as Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, Community Concern For Cats, the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, and a wealth of other good organizations and good people.

Unfortunately, every time a bunch of scary people who call themselves the Animal Liberation Front tosses rocks through someone’s front window, burns a car or a building, or pokes holes in the bottom of a boat with people aboard, it cancels out the fine work by all those good people and organizations I just mention.

One day they’re going to kill somebody in the name of saving animals. How scary is that?

Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
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Happy Holidays!

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! May you awaken Christmas Day to find everything brisk and beautiful, with the sound of jingling sleigh bells fading softly away in the distance.

Be of good cheer.

— Gary, Lois, Karl, Tut, Newman, & Nikki

Posted on Friday, December 23rd, 2005
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Animal Liberation Front or Other Animal Actvists?

Anybody out there from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), or any other animal activist groups, who feels like talking about what’s on your mind these days?

Last time I bantered back and forth with a supposed ALF member in my column was Nov. 18, 1984. I was taking you guys to task for vandalizing laboratories and got criticized for my "total lack of concern for the rights of animals" by "An Active Member of the ALF, Berkeley." The ALF member further stated that "we don’t harm or threaten people." I responded: "How long is it going to be before some nut, caught up in the excitement of the ALF cause, thinks it is justified to plant a real bomb? How are you going to control that?"

That was way too long ago. Things have heated up a lot since then. Buildings burned down, and real bombs have indeed been planted.

Can you still justify your cause, whatever it is? Defining it might be helpful. Just curious.   

Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2005
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