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A Pocket Guide to Poop Identity
by Matt Pagett, published by Ten Speed Press, P.O. Box 7123, Berkeley, CA 94707;

I’ve received some pretty strange things in the mail over the years — smashed flat bugs with a note asking me to identify them … a very angry wasp in a film canister that chased me all around the newsroom … a 3-foot boa constrictor — but a book entitled, “What Shat That?” … a “guide to matching feces with their species” from my friend Zac Nelson at Ten Speed really takes the cake.

Gee thanks, Zac. I really own you for this. Do you mind if I send you a few samples for you to identify with the help of your new book?

Tidbits about the book:
“Pocket-sized, informative, and entertaining, this fascinating little $12.95 paperback brings excitement to excrement with 112 jam-packed pages of poo in all its smelly splendor. Each of the 50 entries in the book (mammals, birds, lizards, fish) includes the animal with a map and information on everything from its scientific name to its habitat and diet. There are also full-color photos and illustrations of the you-know-what for easy identification, descriptions and commentary, as well as a ‘Mess Factor’ rating (lions are the nastiest, scoring 5 out of 5, while the modest termite gets a 1).”

If you spend a lot of time hiking and have always wondered “What left THAT?” in the middle of the trail — this handy little guide will help you find out.

It’s a classic scat sampler, chock full of “more than you ever wanted to know but were too grossed out to ask.”

Now you don’t have to ask. You can just read about it.

Posted on Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
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