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Last baby to leave the nest, mouth wide open, waiting to be fed

1baby last margaret robideaux san leandro

Last baby to leave nest.

I took this today in my backyard.
Margaret Robideaux, San Leandro, California

Classic baby bird … its mouth wide open, waiting to be fed! /Gary

Posted on Thursday, June 16th, 2011
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Birdhouse falls off shelf, kills baby titmice. Will parents start new nest?

Titmice using birdhouse in middle. Photo by Doris Petersen, San Ramon, CA
1birdhouse doris petersen san ramon

I made a sad discovery this morning. A birdhouse with a nest of baby birds had fallen off the shelf on my deck. I suspect it was a neighbor’s cat that I had seen earlier in the morning. Or maybe it was larger birds. I don’t know, but I put it back up on the shelf  where it had been. Right away the titmouse parents were there wanting to go in to feed the babies. After a few times of going into the house and not returning, I knew the babies must be dead. I opened it a little while later and there were 7 dead baby birds inside. I could have cried.  I took the birds out and have left the nest in the bird house, or should I clean out the nest too? Above is a picture I took last week of the titmouse mama or papa going in to feed.
Doris Petersen, San Ramon, California

I’m very sorry about the loss of the baby birds. So sad. I’d leave the nest in the bird house. There’s a good chance those titmice parents might come back to start another family. They often do that when they lose their chicks. Cross your fingers!

If the neighbor’s cat knocked down your birdhouse, you might consider relocating it to a new spot where the cat can’t reach it. Or maybe you can figure out a way to keep the cat away from the house at its present location. /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
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Baby mourning doves napping in their nest

Baby doves in nest. Photo by Mary Jo, Martinez, CA
1dove babies mary jo bates

Here is a pic of nesting baby mourning doves in a basket on the fence by my front door.  They hatched over the weekend and even though their eyes aren’t open yet, they are becoming really active.  I was concerned people coming over would scare the parents (I don’t have a back door to use), but as long as I open the door slowly they just stare and don’t move.  Mom/Dad leave the nest for a few minutes late afternoons, so took some pics and wanted to share.  Cute aren’t they.
Mary Jo, Martinez, California

Mary Jo:
Dove parents usually stay pretty calm if you move slowly when you pass by close to their nest. They construct their nests near us humans because our proximity helps to keep scrub jays and other predators away from their nest (and babies!). They may not be the best nest builders in the world, but they appear to be pretty smart, otherwise!

The worst mourning dove nest I EVER saw was one piece of straw on the flat top of a fence post. When mama dove laid her egg there, it rolled off. /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
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Cats prey on young birds, rabbits & other newborn wildlife

Cat killing bird. Photo by Flickr user Andrew Currie used under a Creative Commons License.
Andrew Currie 2

Just received the following information (below) from The Wildlife Society (TWS) and the American Bird Conservancy (ABC). Please read it carefully and think about it. The lives of our cats, young birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other wild creatures are important.

We need to do all we can to make sure they are safe. Thanks for caring. /Gary
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Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010
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Prolific barn owls

Here it is September 1 and I’m lying here in bed listening to baby barn owls screaming for their parents to bring them some gophers to eat. This is the third family of barn owl chicks that prolific pair of barn owls has raised since last spring in the Monterey pine tree just down the hill from my house.

Anybody else getting this kind of barn owl population boom near your house? I’d like to hear about it if you are. Just click on "Comments" (below) and let me know the particulars. (How many families raised this year, how many chicks if you know, when, city or town where you live, nearest cross streets, anything else?)

Just curious.

Posted on Friday, September 1st, 2006
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