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Martinez Beavers had a baby — a new kit!

New beaver kit in Martinez (Worth A Dam photo)
1beaver kit worth a dam mtz

Guess what? The Martinez beavers had a baby — a new kit!

Martinez Beavers: the next generation! a new beaver kit!
The above new beaver kit was seen by myself, Jon and Moses Silva at the footbridge, around 8 p.m. Sunday evening (July 1). The kit emerged three separate times including a tiny kit tail slap! We also heard him whine at an adult. Looks healthy and all the extended family seemed to be keeping an eye on it. Dad has moved with what appears to be a new mate into a bank location above the footbridge. Worth A Dam couldn’t be happier to know that our family is still going strong. Nearly two years to the day after mom died, life has officially gone on.
Heidi Perryman, Worth A Dam, Martinez, California
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Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012
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River otter spotted in Concord’s Ellis Lake

River otter on tree branch in Ellis Lake, Concord. Photo by Susan The Crazy All-Animals Lady of Ellis Lake, Concord, CA.
1otter susan, concord

It’s ME again!
Today I was taking pictures of birds and turtles around noon when I saw something moving faster than usual in the lake — it was a river otter swimming toward me!  It got out of the water onto a tree limb that extends over the water, and STARTED BARKING A ME!  No one else was around until the otter swam off into the drainage pipe that leads to the Bay…  PLEASE SEND NATURE/ANIMAL LOVERS OF ANY KIND, NOT JUST BIRD WATCHERS!
Susan the Crazy All-Animals Lady of Ellis Lake, Concord, California

Proving, once again, that if there’s a nice lake full of fish to eat, even in the middle of a city, a river otter will find it!

That otter started out in the Sacramento River Delta. It swam down the river to Pacheco Creek at the base of the Benicia Bridge … swam up Pacheco Creek to Willow Pass Road … and then somehow made it approximately three-quarters of a mile over dry land and up and down city streets and through yards to Ellis Lake. Think about it. That’s pretty amazing. It reminds me of the beaver a bunch of years ago that followed the same route … past Willow Pass Road … continuing through Walnut Creek, turned down a tiny tributary creek, climbed out into a backyard on Newell near Kaiser Hospital … and cut down a tree that almost took out the homeowner’s back patio. There’s no escape from wildlife. (There’s more from Susan in a previous entry, below, about the birds of Ellis Lake.) /Gary

River otter swimming in Ellis Lake, Concord. Photo by Susan The Crazy All-Animals Lady of Ellis Lake, Concord, CA.
1otter2 susan concord

Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
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Saturday’s Beaver Festival IV was “the biggest, best ever!”

Beaver tail painting contest at Beaver Festival IV in Martinez, CA, on Aug. 6. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds, Worth-A-Dam.
1beavertail contest cheryl reynolds

I just got a note from Heidi Perryman, the guiding light behind Worth-A-Dam, the special organization that protects and promotes the Martinez (CA) beavers. Heidi says their Beaver Festival IV on Saturday was “the biggest, best ever!”

You can find out lots more about these wonderful beavers, and the even more wonderful humans behind them, and their exciting annual event at

Meanwhile, just sit back and enjoy this beautiful photo of the Beaver Tail Painting Contest at the event by Cheryl Reynolds of Worth-A-Dam. Great shot, Cheryl! I can hardly wait for next year! /Gary

Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2011
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Beaver Festival IV is Aug. 6 in Martinez


Beaver Festival IV Promises Dam Good Time!

Q: Why did Martinez keep the beavers?
A: Because they were Worth A Dam!

Actually the answer is a little more complicated and involves a civic uprising rivaling the last 10 minutes of It’s a Wonderful Life. You’re sure to learn the whole story if you join the Festivities on August 6 in downtown Martinez, CA.
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Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011
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Martinez beavers take center stage

Baby Martinez beaver. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds, Walnut Creek, CA
2010 mtz baby, cheryl reynolds

The controversy, compromises and conservation efforts that helped save the Martinez Beavers will be featured at this year’s State of the Beaver conference in Canyonville, Oregon, February 2-4. Top national and international minds will gather to discuss beaver management and the important benefits of beaver-created wetlands.

Heidi Perryman, Ph.D., founder of Worth A Dam and long time supporter of the Martinez Beavers will discuss the steps taken by the city to safely keep the animals, and the subsequent restorative effect their dams have had on Alhambra creek.

“Experts from all over will be at the conference presenting research on how beaver dams improve fish, bird and wildlife populations,” Perryman noted. “Martinez has had the opportunity to watch these effects first hand.”

The conference is jointly hosted by the Beaver Advocacy committee of SURCP and the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Indian Tribe. If you can’t make the Oregon presentation, Perryman will repeat her talk at the Valley of the Moon lecture series in Sonoma later in February and at the Annual CA State Parks Conference in Yosemite in March.

For more information on these talks, plus lots of other interesting beaver stuff, you can check the group’s website at GO BEAVERS! /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
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Martinez asks residents to officially name ‘Beaver Park’

Martinez beaver by Cheryl Reynolds, Walnut Creek, CA
beaver by cheryl

I am writing because you’ve expressed support for the Martinez Beavers in the past. The City of Martinez  is looking for suggestions to name the park next to the beaver dam and the strip along the creek where they live.

With 2000 people visiting the park for the beaver festival over the last three years, and nightly visits from curious on-lookers, “Beaver Park” seems a natural choice to me. The sad event of mom beaver’s death would be an excellent opportunity to remember her important role in the visibility of this town in choosing a name.

Whatever final name is selected, we think it’s important that the voices of beaver supporters are heard, and I wanted to encourage you to make your own nomination by e-mailing your park name suggestion to
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Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2010
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Martinez Beaver Matriarch dead, June 26, 2010

Mom Beaver (Cheryl Reynolds/Worth A Dam)
Mom 2, worth a dam

I received a sad bit of news over the weekend. The Mama beaver in Martinez (CA) died on Saturday. /Gary

This is from Heidi Perryman, Ph. D, president of Worth A Dam, the organization dedicated to maintaining the Martinez Beavers in Alhambra Creek:
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Posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010
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Martinez beavers: This photo proves there are TWO new babies!

Two new baby beavers with mama in Martinez, CA (Worth A Dam/Martinez, CA)
2 baby mtz beavers

My friend, Heidi Perryman, president of Worth A Dam, the organization dedicated to maintaining the Martinez Beavers in Alhambra Creek in Martinez, California, sent me this photo this morning. It proves there really are TWO new baby Martinez beavers this spring!


You can see a cute video of these youngsters with their mama at Enjoy. /Gary

Posted on Friday, June 18th, 2010
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Martinez beavers: Did they have two new babies this spring?

Baby beaver nibbles some food (Cheryl Reynolds/Martinez beavers)
2010 mtz baby, cheryl reynolds

Looks like the Martinez, California, beavers have produced at least one new youngster (maybe two?) this spring.

You can find out more about the adventures of the Martinez beavers at

Enjoy! /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
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A Merry Christmas video to all from the Martinez Beavers!

smile again

Happy Holidays to you from the Martinez Beavers! (And a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you from ME! /Gary)

Check out this neat Christmas Card video of the Martinez Beavers on YouTube:

More about the Martinez Beavers at

Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2008
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