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Got mysterious bites? Bed bugs? Rat mites? Bird mites? Scabies? Or … ?

Bed bugs? Photo by Flickr user Commodore Gandolf Cunningham used under a Creative Commons License
bedbugs comm gandalf cunningham

On Nov. 22, I received the letter below from Ruth Corbin, complaining about some mysterious something that was biting her. I printed her letter in my newspaper column and then took my annual Thanksgiving week off. When I got back into the office on Nov. 30, I had received 50 e-mails and letters in response to Ruth’s plea for help. It turns out Ruth is not alone. And if the 50 responses I received are any indicator, there are probably hundreds, even thousands of other people out there scratching their itching bites even as we speak, and wondering what the heck is biting them … and what can they do about it?

I can’t run all 50 responses to Ruth’s letter here, so I picked out a selection that covers most of the suggestions I received and you’ll find them below, after Ruth’s letter. If you suffer from similar problems … or have answers … please add your replies/comments at the end of this post. If we’re going to come up with some answers to help people with bite problems … the more, the merrier! /Gary
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Posted on Friday, December 4th, 2009
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