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Surprise! A barge full of oil hits another bridge

The fuel barge that hit the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge last night has a capacity of 65,195 barrels of heavy black oil. Fortunately, the Coast Guard says there’s no evidence that anything spilled into the water.

Whew! Bring back any  black memories?

You can read the latest story and see a photo on

** First the Cosco Busan hits the San Francisco Bay Bridge in heavy fog and spills 58,999 gallons of bunker fuel on Nov. 7.

** Now this fuel barge, the Cascade, hits the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge during another foggy night on the Bay on Jan. 10 — about two months later.

Anyone notice any similarities here? Doesn’t radar see through the fog? Doesn’t sonar see through the fog?

This most recent ship/bridge collision happened at … “around 6 p.m.” … “about 6 p.m.” …”6:20 p.m.” … depending on which news story I read or heard about the accident this morning.

This was interesting:
S.F. Chronicle: “ … reports of the Cascade’s accident at 6:20 p.m. brought a Coast Guard vessel to the scene by 7 p.m.”
C.C. Times: “”Several local and state agencies responded, and two oil response vessels were on the scene within an hour, according to the Coast guard.”

Glad everybody was in a such a hurry.

Maybe we ought to start a “Hit The Bridge” pool to try and guess when the next ship will hit one of the bridges in the Bay. When will the next bridge be hit? What bridge will it be? What kind of ship will it be? How much oil will it be carrying?

Oh yeah, and how long will it take a government agency to respond to see if anything got spilled? /gary

Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2008
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