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A blog is a column is a blog is a column

I got a call from a man who wanted to know what I write about in this on-line blog (he doesn’t have a computer) and how it differs from the daily newspaper column I’ve written for 35 years in the Contra Costa Times, West County Times, San Ramon Valley Times, East County Times and the Valley Times in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Unlike my columns in which I answer reader questions or write commentary on various and sundry pet, wildlife or environmental issues in a rather rigid framework, a blog (short for "weblog") is like a diary. I can ramble around as much as I want because there’s plenty of space here on the Internet. I’m also making this blog into kind of an extension of my newspaper column. The space I have to write my column on A2 of all the Times’ newspapers is limited, so I can use this blog to print things I don’t have room to print there, like some of the photos that come with reader e-mails and letters, longer letters, etc.

I also plan to run photos here of my wacky cats, Tut and Newman, and to fancy this space up for your future enjoyment with artwork and color photographs from my old wildlife rescue and rehabilitation days, include more webcam links so you can see more live wild creatures, and lots more. The sky’s the limit, you might say. And of course you can click on "comment" at the end of every one of my entries and add your own comments.

If you have ideas on other things I might do with this blog, let’s hear them. If you read this blog regularly, you should also read my column in the Times, or vice versa. If you don’t subscribe to the Times, you can read my column on-line at

So shall we let the games begin, as they say?

Posted on Friday, January 6th, 2006
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