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Pets: Emergency preparedness in case of earthquake, fire, etc.

Do you have an emergency preparedness plan for your pets? (Karl Nielsen)
Kiki & Newman Xmas 4

I just received the NEWS RELEASE below — “9.0 Japanese Earthquake reminds Us Emergency Preparedness Is Critical” — from the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services. The information it contains is VERY important. It could help save the life of your pet(s) (and you!) during an emergency. /Gary


Emergency Preparedness for Pets
Safety Planning in Case of Fire, Heavy Rain or Earthquake

The recent 9.0 earthquake in Japan reminds us that natural disasters can strike at any time and without advance warning. During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we learned that people will risk their lives and endanger their own safety to stay with their pets during natural disasters. “One of the big lessons after Katrina was that we must prepare all members of our family for possible disasters, including planning for our family pets,” said General Manager Brenda Barnette.

Here are a few simple tips that could save your life and the life of your pet, too:
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Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
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Earthquake video: Did this dog ‘feel’ a 6.5 earthquake coming?

This video is footage from the security camera at the Times-Standard newspaper in Eureka, CA, taken just before and after the  6.5 earthquake hit in Humboldt County off the California coastline on Jan. 9. It shows a reporter’s dog, Sophie, sitting near his desk.

This note came with the video I found on YouTube: “My dog Sophie sensed the 6.5 earthquake early at the Times-Standard newspaper in Eureka, CA.”

Visit for full coverage of the earthquake.

Posted on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
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Last Friday’s 4.0 earthquake — how did your pets react?

We had a 4.0 earthquake last Friday (Sept. 5) at 9 p.m. near Alamo. It was felt all around the Bay Area.

Did any of your pets react before, during, or after the quake?

Please describe what happened — how your pets acted — and e-mail it to me at

Thanks. I’ll print the results here and in my column. /Gary

Posted on Monday, September 8th, 2008
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How did your pets react to Tuesday’s 5.6 earthquake?

Did your pets even notice the shaking? Did they run and hide?
The magnitude 5-6 earthquake hit about 8:04 p.m. Tuesday evening. It was reportedly the biggest quake to hit the Bay Area in 18 years, since Loma Prieta.

So how did your dog, cat, parrot, alligator, or other pets react to the quake?

Did they appear to “sense” the earthquake before it happened? Did you pick up any clues that there was an earthquake on the way?

What did your pets do during and after the earthquake?

Please leave your comments below under “post a comment,” or by clicking on “Comments.” I’d like to use this information in my daily newspaper column in the Times and other papers.

What did MY cats do during the quake? I hardly even felt the thing where I live in Benicia. I think the Sacramento River tends to absorb any earthquake vibrations when the quake happens south of us. Anyone else in Benicia feel anything?

I was talking to my wife, Lois, on my cell phone when I suddenly felt a little queasy and MAYBE felt a little shake. “We may or may not have just had a tiny earthquake here,” I said. Newman, our 19-lb. Maine coon cat who was sleeping on the couch next to me, raised his big head and looked around. “Please stop doing that,” he said, and went back to sleep.

Our Abyssinian, Tut, was snoozing someplace else in the house and I didn’t hear a peep out of him.

So what did your pets have to say about our Halloween shaker? (BOO?) /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
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Animals and earthquakes

Did you feel the 3.7 earthquake at 1:41 p.m. on Tuesday (March 21, centered 6 miles southeast of Moraga, CA)? I sure did!

There was also a smaller 2.7 magnitude quake at 1:45 p.m., and a whole bunch of little ones at 1:56 p.m.

Even more important, did your pet(s) feel anything?

I’m always curious about how our dogs, cats, birds, snakes, goldfish, tortoises, and other animal companions react to earthquakes. Especially if you notice your pets doing anything unusual BEFORE the earthquake happens.

Does anyone think their animal companion "predicted" that quake?

For example, did anyone notice their cat standing in the living room, rocking back and forth and holding a big cardboard arrow pointed at the floor just before the quake? (Assuming it had never done that before!)

Just kidding (I think). I am serious, though, in wanting to find out how your pets reacted, if indeed they reacted at all. I suspect my dimwitted cat (please don’t take offense to that description, we still love him!), Newman, might have yawned, rolled over, and waited for Mother Nature to massage the other side of his 18-lb. body.

So let’s have a little survey.

I’d appreciate an e-mail to describing what your pets did before, during, and after the quakes. Let me know even if your pet didn’t do anything. I’ll pull it all together and we can take a look at the results here (and in my daily column).

Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
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