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Gray fox sleeps in trees by day, hunts in backyards at night

Gray fox in tree. Photo by Joe Heath, Point Richmond, CA

I am a resident of Point Richmond.  Before the sun rose this morning I noticed movement about 10 feet up in one of our tall cedar trees at the back of our yard.  The silhouette looked like a fox.  As the light increased, it became obvious that it was, indeed, a fox.  It’s been in the same spot all day about 20 feet up.  I’m assuming it will descend this evening when it is dark.  I read that red foxes rarely climb trees.  So could this be a gray fox?
Julie Heath, Point Richmond, Calif.

Gray fox in tree. Photo by Joe Heath, Point Richmond, CA

It’s a gray fox. Gray foxes have retractable claws, like cats, and they stay very sharp. That’s why it’s easier for them to climb trees than red foxes. Red fox claws always stay out like dog claws and get worn down. The fox probably has a sleeping spot somewhere up in your trees and comes down at night to forage in neighborhood yards for food. That’s how they survive, living in suburbia. Clever dudes. /Gary

Posted on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
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Red foxes, Bogey & Birdie, Monarch Bay Golf Course, San Leandro

Red foxes photo by Geralyne Gong, San Leandro, member of Tony Lema Women’s Golf Club,  San Leandro, CA.
lynette mladinich, san leandro

Perhaps you will consider the attached photo for your Pet of the Week.  No, they are not pets!  This is “Bogey” and “Birdie” who reside at the Monarch Bay Golf Course in San Leandro, CA.  Members of the Tony Lema 18 Hole Golf Club often see these cute little foxes on the course and one of our members got the perfect shot. Enjoy!
Lynette Mladinich,Tony Lema Women’s Golf Club

I think these beautiful young red foxes are better displayed here in my blog, in living color, rather than in black and white with my column. I remember another pair of young red foxes at a Walnut Creek golf course a few years ago that used to hang around the 9th hole and steal golf balls. Better keep an eye on your balls! FORE! /Gary

Posted on Friday, September 3rd, 2010
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A fox family is living under our house! Here are some neat photos.

Gray fox cub. Photo by Lila Lippow, Martinez, CA
fox4 lila lippow, mtz

Hi Gary:
I’m hoping you can help me.  I live in the Alhambra Valley of Martinez.  About 2 months ago I realized I had a fox living under the house, and shortly after that I found that there were babies also.  I now have a mother and 4 little ones running all over the yard!

The babies are darling, and I don’t want them to be moved.  It is easy enough to just let them have the part of the yard that goes down to the creek, although I’m a little concerned about what sort of damage they might do under the house, seeing that they are pretty destructive in the yard!
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Posted on Friday, May 21st, 2010
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Gray fox taking a walk on the back fence (looking for a hen house?)

Fox on the fence by Jack Wall, Livermore, Calif.
fox on fence1

Dear Gary,
My wife and I love to read your column with coffee in the morning. Thank you for all of the good advice and the pleasure you have given us with your animal tales.

During our 10 years in Livermore, we have enjoyed the multitude of birds that have tried to bankrupt us at our six backyard feeds. We are fascinated by the Cooper’s hawks that seem to think our feeders are really smorgasbords for them. We were surprised when the egret and great blue heron stopped by to feast on the fish in our small pond and stayed to pose for great photos. We were delighted when mama quail brought the tiny chicks over for us to see.
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Posted on Friday, April 3rd, 2009
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Are foxes raising cubs in your backyard? Check these photos!


Seems like every spring I get more and more reports that red foxes and gray foxes are making their dens under our back decks, or digging them under our garden sheds and raising their kits in our backyards.

Is that true? Do you have “company” in your backyard?

I think it’s time for one of my impromptu little surveys to find out that’s going on.
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Posted on Monday, June 9th, 2008
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