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Canada to kill 275,000 baby harp seals. Man faces charges for killing opossum

Reuters says the Canadian government has announced, “Hunters will be allowed to kill 275,000 baby harp seals on Canada’s ice flows this year.”

Meanwhile, an Associated Press wire story from The Orange County Register reports that police said a man and his 12-year-old son could face charges related to animal cruelty after an incident that left a mother opossum and four of her babies dead. Witnesses told police they saw the father and son pushing an upside-down bucket down the street with the mother opossum inside.

When they lifted the bucket and the opossum jumped out, the boy began beating it with a shovel. Kind of like the seal hunters beat the baby seals with clubs.

There is a slight difference, however.

The father was arrested and released on bail. The 12-year-old was detained and released to his mother, pending further review, according to police.

The seal hunters, on the other hand (club?), will be able to continue killing baby harp seals and selling their skins for clothing and the seal oil drained from their bodies (hey, it contains omega 3 fatty acids!) for a LOT of money.

What a strange little world we live on.

We seem to care about the deaths of a mama opossum and her babies on the one hand, while we’re clubbing to death 275,000 baby seals with the other.

Does caring about the death of the opossums mean there’s hope? Hum. /Gary

Posted on Thursday, March 13th, 2008
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