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State animal organizations oppose budget cuts aimed at animal shelters

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Killing pets to save money just doesn’t cut it. The state — Governor Jerry Brown — has to figure out a better way. Same with the California Animal Control Directors Association and the State Humane Association of California. I agree with the final paragraph in their statement below. They need to get together and “explore viable alternatives.”  What do you think? Please leave your thoughts under “Leave a Comment” below. Thanks for caring. /Gary


Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts Would Have an Adverse Effect on California’s Stray and Abandoned Animals

Sacramento, CA –The California Animal Control Directors Association and the State Humane Association of California announced today (Feb. 13) that they oppose Governor Brown’s proposed repeal of the animal adoption mandate created by the 1998 enactment of the “Hayden Law.”

This mandate requires that animal shelters perform certain duties, including holding stray or abandoned animals for a minimum of four to six days rather than the 72 hours required by prior law and providing them with necessary and prompt veterinary care.  In return, the state is required to provide reimbursement for the increased costs incurred by shelters in the performance of those duties.

“Our organization supports the enhanced care afforded to animals through the passage of the Hayden Law,” stated Marcia Mayeda, President of the California Animal Control Directors Association. “There has been so much progress for animals in California’s shelters since this law became effective.  A repeal would be a huge step backwards.”
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Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
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Gov. Brown asked to not make homeless animals victims of budget crisis

Feral kitten (Bogue)

Please read the information below and then visit this site and tell Governor Jerry Brown what you think about his proposals:

Thanks for caring. /Gary

Humane Leaders Urge Calif. Governor to Spare Abandoned and Lost Pets

Groups Ask Brown Not to Make Homeless Animals Victims of Budget Crisis

SACRAMENTO — National and local humane organizations are calling on Gov. Jerry Brown to rescind his proposal to repeal a state requirement that municipal animal shelters hold stray dogs and cats for more than 72 hours before euthanizing them. In his budget proposal, the Governor has also called for eliminating the requirement for shelters to provide necessary and prompt veterinary care and would allow shelters to legally euthanize rabbits, reptiles and other animals immediately. These modest sheltering requirements – first enacted in 1998 as part of what is often referred to as the “Hayden Law” (named for the legislation’s author, former state senator Tom Hayden) – have been suspended for the past three years, but the Governor is now proposing wholesale repeal.
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Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2012
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