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Let’s take our minicow for a walk down to the store!

Did you get a chance to read Times staff writer Jeanine Benca’s front page story today about miniature cattle becoming popular pets for families with big backyards? You can read it here if you didn’t:

First we had pot-bellied pigs. Remember them? They were the tiny pigs that would never grow up to be over 100 pounds or so. Of course if you feed even a tiny pig all the food it wants and don’t keep it on a proper diet … it can get BIGGER than you might expect.

Hopefully that isn’t a problem with these minicows. If they shrink livestock down small enough, will people eventually have little herds of cattle in their backyards? Imagine the look on morning commuters’ faces when somebody leaves the back gate open and a herd of miniature cattle comes charging down the middle of the street.

I dare you to try and explain to your boss that you were late to work because your car got caught in a stampede on the Bay Bridge.

(Next week: Where to buy miniature African lions and a tiny herd of wildebeests so you can set up a piece of the African Veldt in your own backyard, and invite the neighbors over for a barbecue after they watch the evening kill at the waterhole.)

Posted on Thursday, August 10th, 2006
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