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Monarch butterfly hatching from chrysalis

Monarch butterfly hatching and crawling out from a chrysalis. Photo by Dave Harper, Oakley, CA.
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Thanks to Tina Swan for allowing me to tour her Monarch Butterfly Greenhouse near small world park in Pittsburg. I took several photos of the beautiful plants and butterflies. Sending a couple watching the birth of a butterfly. This butterfly habitat is educating all about monarch butterflies, and helps with producing more of the species. Thanks again Tina and Ed.
Dave Harper, Oakley, California

Beautiful! One of my favorite butterflies. The butterfly lays eggs … which hatch into a caterpillar … which grows up and changes to a barrel-shaped chrysalis … which eventually hatches into a beautiful monarch butterfly. The whole process from egg to butterfly takes about 4 weeks. An amazing process don’t you think? /Gary

Monarch butterfly. Photo by Dave Harper, Oakley, CA
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Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2011
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