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Peacock and wild turkeys spotted together in Antioch

Peter Peacock (right) with wild turkeys on Antioch rooftop. Photo by Valerie Gillan, Antioch, CA
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Just had to respond to your inquiry on June 29 regarding the occurrence of peacocks and turkeys together in the Bay Area.

We live in a suburban area of Antioch, but have the good fortune of having a large backyard full of trees and assorted wildlife.  For the past 3 years a peacock has “adopted” our neighborhood.  “Peter” or “Petey” can be spotted on a regular basis roaming the streets, screeching from rooftops, or perching himself on nearby fences.  He has become quite an attraction around here and we often spot folks stopping their cars to snap photos of his showy plumage.

One morning, my husband and I were out in the backyard and spotted Peter on top of our neighbor’s rooftop alongside a couple of hen turkeys! (see the attached photo above).
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Posted on Friday, July 13th, 2012
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