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Pet Insurance Guide

Responding to the rising costs of veterinary care, a company that calls itself Urbanhound has published the "Urbanhound Pet Insurance Guide." Urbanhound says the guide is designed to help pet owners to make sense of "the tangle of available options" when choosing the insurance plan that is right for their pet.

"Is pet insurance worth the money? How much will I actually be reimbursed? What’s with all those hidden surcharges? If my dog has a chronic condition, will he lose coverage? What exactly is a ‘pre-existing condition?’ Which breeds of dog are excluded from which plans? What does it mean that my policy ‘re-sets’ every year?"

The new Urbanhound Pet Insurance Guide is available on-line at

The above information is from a press release I just received from Urbanhound. This is how they describe themselves:

"New York-based Urbanhound was founded six years ago and is regarded as the definitive on-line network for canine households in New York City. Urbanhound’s experts — a veterinarian, an animal-rights lawyer and a dog trainer — help dog owners solve problems efficiently and intelligently. … Urbanhound San Francisco and Urbanhound Chicago are the latest moves by the growing company. For more information, visit"

I just finished reading their Pet Insurance Guide and it looks to me like an honest attempt at explaining available pet insurance plans. If you’re thinking about buying pet insurance, you should definitely read this.

Posted on Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
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