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SEXY BEAST — canine style unleashed

"Announcing Sexy Beast, a design-driven, luxury brand that unites the pet and beauty industries to create a new genre called ‘pet beauty.’"

One of the first things I do when I get to work every morning is check out the strange press releases that arrive by e-mail during the night. As I’ve told you before, animal columnists get some pretty weird stuff in the mail. That’s why I like to share them with you. Maybe they’ll inspire you to grow up to be an animal columnist some day.

Like the one below that just came in this morning from a PR agency named Behrman Communications in New York City.

Until now, I thought I’d seen everything. Apparently not:

Behrman Communications Announces its Representation of Sexy Beast

"Designed specifically for dogs, Sexy Beast is a collection of fine fragrance and three finishing products that are to be used daily as a three-step system to extend the time between grooming appointments. Sexy Beast is more than just a collection of products for dogs — Sexy Beast is a lifestyle brand. Today dogs are more than just pets to their owners; they have become an extended part of the family."

Boy, wait until my cats hear about this.

Posted on Thursday, January 4th, 2007
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