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Pit bulls maul woman to death

BARSTOW, Calif. — A pack of pit bulls surrounded a woman and mauled her to death, authorities said Wednesday (Dec. 26). Police found Kelly Caldwell, 45, lying on the street around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, and took her to a hospital, where she later died, the San Bernardino County sheriff’s department said.

Is there something in the air?


Posted on Thursday, December 27th, 2007
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Thank you, NOT!

Here’s an inside peek at what it’s like to be involved in a dog attack. Just a little something for you to think about.

Gary: I wanted to thank the owners of two pit bulls that attacked my dog and myself.

The owners, I guess, didn’t want these dogs anymore. One is a large blue-and-white pit and the other a brown pit. Someone let them go around Foothill Drive in Antioch, three weeks ago. That’s when my poor little Jack Russell terrier got attacked.

My mother-in-law took her out to do her thing on a leash. We always take her out on a leash. I don’t even let her go in the backyard because of the coyotes.

When these dogs came running up to my dog and attacked her, luckily I was just going to my office when I saw them and heard my mother-in-law screaming for me. I ran out there. I didn’t even think to get a weapon and I don’t know how I did it, but I pushed my mother-in-law out of the way (she is a little lady) and fought the dogs off, but not without them doing $500 damage to my dog.

She was bitten in the rear really bad and needed stitches. She needs to go back to have dead tissues removed, but at $300 more we can’t afford it, so thank you again to the owner of these two pits.

So I don’t know what we are going to do as it is. We can’t pay our rent because of the $500 we had to pay for my dog and I would do it again for my little baby, and we will manage. Plus her neck was bitten but not bad, and I was bitten, but when I went to the doctor’s he said it was a small bite so my dog could of done it.

Anyways, my little dogdo (my pet name for her) is doing fine. She hates the plastic cone around her head.

The good side of this story is that when we returned from the vets I called the police and as they were driving up, they saw the two pit bulls. They came back I guess to finish the job. They watched them, then the police got out of their car and cornered the dogs in our backyard and called Animal Control and they came and got the dogs.

The dogs were nice to them. The dogs have been in quarantine for 10 days. Thank God no rabies, and they will be put down!

So, Gary, if you want to, could you please put this in the paper so maybe the owners can see this? Thank you!

I am not against pits. We used to have one. I got her when she was a puppy. Sweetest dog. She got hit by a truck when my daughter’s friend opened the door and she ran out. My cat used to put her in her place.

I hope the owner of the two pits sees this. I know I won’t hear from them but maybe they and other owners of pits can see this and see what happens when you no longer want a dog and you let it go free.

Note: I am now afraid to go outside with my dog without having some type of a weapon with me, and when I take her to the vets I am afraid, because I can’t always take her in her carrier. It’s too heavy for me.

I hope this will pass. I’ve never in my life been through this and hope I never will again. If you know of a vet where I can get her back redone cheaper or free, please let me know.

Thank you, Gary, for letting me vent my anger as you can see this happened three weeks ago and I am still mad. (Candi, Antioch, Calif.)

Posted on Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
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