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Will this end all the dog killing in China?

Finally, one organization appears to be offering a practical solution to this insanity (at least I hope that’s where it’s going). The continued killing of thousands and thousands of dogs certainly isn’t going to solve anything.

Associated Press writer Alexa Olesen reports today that The Humane Society of the United States said it will give China $100,000 to vaccinate dogs against rabies if it promises to immediately stop the mass slaughter of dogs in areas where humans have died from the disease.

"There are far better ways of addressing rabies control to promote the safety of your citizens, the good reputation of China and the welfare of dogs," Wayne Pacelle, president of HSUS, said in an open letter to China’s ambassador in Washington.

According to the AP story, HSUS said the money was conditional on China agreeing to stop the mass killing of dogs and accepting the group’s help in establishing a nationwide rabies control program that relies on vaccinations.

It’s great that HSUS has stepped forward to try and help China deal with its rabies problem(s), but $100,000 is just a tiny drop in the bucket in that enormous country. Even if China chooses to accept the money, this has got to be the start of something BIGGER to really work. The BIGGER question, by the way, is where is the World Health Organization?

Rabies, a fatal disease, is a serious problem around the world, especially in developing nations.

There’s more below if you’re not familiar with this on-going story.

Posted on Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
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More dog killing in China

Another wire story by Associated Press Writer Christopher Bodeen says a second Chinese city "plans a mass dog slaughter to control a rabies outbreak … days after a similar cull in which dogs were beaten to death prompted a torrent of criticism." (See my other entry on this subject below.)

Officials in the city of Jining said Thursday they’d kill all dogs within three miles of the area where rabies had been found, the official Xinhua News Agency said. The city has about 500,000 dogs. Sixteen people have died from rabies in Jining in the last eight months, according to the AP story.

PETA has called for a boycott of Chinese products.

"Rabies cases are on the rise in China, with more than 2,000 people dying from the disease each year," says Bodeen. "Only 3 percent of the country’s dogs are vaccinated against rabies."

All this dog killing is an inhumane and completely ineffective way to deal with their rabies problem. The country needs to organize a rabies prevention program and start vaccinating all the dogs in China like they do in other countries of the world. I’m sure the World Health Organization would be willing to help.

Knocking thousands of pet dogs in the head is not going to solve their rabies problem.

Posted on Friday, August 4th, 2006
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50,000 dogs slaughtered

According to a story on Aug. 1 by Associated Press Writer Christopher Bodeen, "a county in southwestern China has killed as many as 50,000 dogs in a government campaign ordered after three people died from rabies."

I guess they figured beating the dogs to death was easier than organizing a rabies prevention program and vaccinating the dogs before they had a chance to get rabies.

Such a program of course would also have prevented those three people from dying from rabies in the first place.

Next time somebody gets rabies, I guess they’ll just go out and kill more dogs.

Curious logic. Strange world.

Posted on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
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Be sure and vaccinate your outdoor cats for rabies

If you have an outside cat, even if it only goes outside occasionally, be sure and get it vaccinated for rabies. You can’t be too careful on this. Rabies is a fatal disease.

Contra Costa Times staff writer Sandy Kleffman really pointed that out in the Saturday, Dec. 12, Times in her story about 60 people in the San Ramon, Calif., area who are undergoing a series of five precautionary rabies shots after touching a stray kitten that had the deadly disease.

Outdoor cats are more likely to encounter a rabid wild animal and get scratch or bitten than other pets are, so please get your outdoor cats vaccinated!

Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2005
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