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Photos of coyote and deer in a standoff

Coyote and deer in standoff. Photo by Scott Campbell, Fairfield, CA
1coyote deer scott campbell fairfield

I’m that guy who captured the photo of the river otters in the Richmond Marina a year or 2 ago.

I was on a hike in the Marina Headlands National Park yesterday and saw something amazing.  I looked up the cliff and saw a deer and a big old coyote nervously watching each other.  The coyote was sizing up the deer while the deer stood motionless, and then I guess the coyote decided, “Naaa, he’s too big, I think I will just lay down tight here and chill.”  I was able to capture that moment with my camera.  The coyote was BEAUTIFUL!  HUGE for a coyote!  It was one of those moments photographers and nature lovers live to see!  Hunter and Hunted just chilling together.

Anyway, I just wanted to share these with you. Have a great day!!
Scott Campbell, Fairfield, California
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Posted on Thursday, January 19th, 2012
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River otter spotted in Concord’s Ellis Lake

River otter on tree branch in Ellis Lake, Concord. Photo by Susan The Crazy All-Animals Lady of Ellis Lake, Concord, CA.
1otter susan, concord

It’s ME again!
Today I was taking pictures of birds and turtles around noon when I saw something moving faster than usual in the lake — it was a river otter swimming toward me!  It got out of the water onto a tree limb that extends over the water, and STARTED BARKING A ME!  No one else was around until the otter swam off into the drainage pipe that leads to the Bay…  PLEASE SEND NATURE/ANIMAL LOVERS OF ANY KIND, NOT JUST BIRD WATCHERS!
Susan the Crazy All-Animals Lady of Ellis Lake, Concord, California

Proving, once again, that if there’s a nice lake full of fish to eat, even in the middle of a city, a river otter will find it!

That otter started out in the Sacramento River Delta. It swam down the river to Pacheco Creek at the base of the Benicia Bridge … swam up Pacheco Creek to Willow Pass Road … and then somehow made it approximately three-quarters of a mile over dry land and up and down city streets and through yards to Ellis Lake. Think about it. That’s pretty amazing. It reminds me of the beaver a bunch of years ago that followed the same route … past Willow Pass Road … continuing through Walnut Creek, turned down a tiny tributary creek, climbed out into a backyard on Newell near Kaiser Hospital … and cut down a tree that almost took out the homeowner’s back patio. There’s no escape from wildlife. (There’s more from Susan in a previous entry, below, about the birds of Ellis Lake.) /Gary

River otter swimming in Ellis Lake, Concord. Photo by Susan The Crazy All-Animals Lady of Ellis Lake, Concord, CA.
1otter2 susan concord

Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
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How did those river otters get into Lafayette Reservoir?

River otters in Lafayette Reservoir, CA. Photo by John Eaton, Lafayette, CA.
otters laf res john eaton

We saw four river otters at Lafayette Reservoir today (Jan. 23). We stopped at the Ranger Station and were told that these otters showed up last year — possibly from the creek below the reservoir. They also said that they understood there were otters in the reservoir in the 1950s. Perhaps you could tell us more?
John Eaton & Beth Ferree

John & Beth:
Those river otters initially started out in the Sacramento (CA) River Delta, where there are LOTS of otters. They swam down the Sacramento River to where Pacheco Creek empties into the river at the base of the Benicia Bridge by Martinez, turned up Pacheco Creek and swam to where it turns into Walnut Creek. They continued on to where the creek branches into a multitude of little creeks that head off in all directions. These otters obviously followed the little creeks that eventually passed close by Lafayette Reservoir, where they crossed over to the reservoir.

Otters have used the same technique to get to Heather Pond in Walnut Creek, and Hidden Lakes in Martinez. A few beavers have also made that trip to the Walnut Creek area, where I know they cut down at least one little tree in the backyard of a very surprised homeowner. Clever creatures. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were otters in the reservoir in the 1950s. The river was there and the creeks were there, so the otters could have used them back then and probably even earlier. It should have been an easier trip back then because the area wasn’t nearly as urbanized as it is now. /Gary

Posted on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011
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Photo: River otters swam down Sacramento River to Richmond Marina

River otters in Richmond Marina. Photo by Scott Campbell, Fairfield, CA.
from ellen saski richmond

I wrote you last week about the river otters at the  Richmond, California, Marina.  Here is a photo taken by Scott Campbell of Fairfield.  It was very exciting!
Ellen Sasaki, Richmond, CA

As I said in my column last week, these river otters swam down the Sacramento River from the Delta and into San Francisco Bay, and along the shoreline to Richmond. Otters have an enormous curiosity and are always exploring new areas. As long as they have a creek , river, or bay to swim in, nothing’s going to stop them. Thanks for the cute photo! /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
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