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Sticky, inhumane killers

Time for my semi-monthly primal scream about those fiendish sticky glue mouse and rat traps that are sold at most hardware and garden supply stores. Please don’t use those torture devices. Cheap? Yes. Effective? Yes. Inhumane and cruel? Yes.

I ran the following question and answer in today’s column in the Times:

Dear Gary: My son sent me this inquiry and I wondered if you could advise him:

Genia: We put out sticky box traps to catch mice in the garden and got one last night, but a hawk came down and took the mouse and part of the (sticky) trap. Do you think it will be OK, because those traps are really sticky and the mouse is probably covered with glue, plus the trap could become stuck on its beak? (Brian)

They live in a new home in the Dougherty Valley in San Ramon and have a constant problem with mice. Thank you for your help. (Genia G., Walnut Creek)

Dear Genia: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think those inhumane glue traps are the worst. Most people don’t realize how diabolical they are until they start using them. Your son’s problem is a classic example of the things that can go wrong with those nasty traps.

Let’s hope the hawk doesn’t get caught up in that glue, and let’s also hope the hawk was able to quickly finish putting the poor mouse out of its misery.

Basically, those glue traps work by sticking to the mouse after it’s lured into the trap. The trap is then usually tossed into the trash, where its victim takes three to four days to die.

Please suggest to Brian that the regular old Victor spring mouse traps (available at all hardware stores) work fine and kill the mice instantly. And they don’t stick to hawks.

The above comments have already generated this response:

Dear Gary: I used that type of trap ONE time, and the type of torment I went through can’t even be compared to what that poor little mouse suffered. I didn’t think it through.

If I correctly remember the concept of the individual who brainstormed this thing, the idea is to place the trap and mouse in water to "quickly" drown the mouse. That’s IF you happen to come across the mouse at a stage prior to its death. Initially I considered it "more humane" than a snap trap.

Having a little mouse stare at me prior to so doing didn’t exactly make it simple. Either way it’s torture.

From that point on, I used the "Live ‘No Kill’ Mouse Trap," and released the mouse outside.

Just a note to thank you for emphasizing the cruelty of these traps. (Barbara Yencho, cyberspace)

Thanks for caring, Barbara.

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
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