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Creatures of the Urban Wilderness (your own backyard!)

Friday morning visitors to backyard. Photo by Joann Seaver, Walnut Creek, CA
1deer joann seaver wc

These are my Friday morning visitors. Meanwhile, two crows were chasing a squirrel through the tree canopy, three tom turkeys were strutting their stuff and a small bird was busy building a nest under my eaves. Mother Nature doing what she does best!
Joann Seaver, Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California

That why, long ago, I coined a new description for our backyards. I call them, “The Urban Wilderness.” Seems kind of appropriate, don’t you think? Just make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, settle down in a corner of your backyard … and start observing all the interesting creatures that live there.

You don’t have to go visit a local state park, or a nearby open space area to have this much fun. It’s taking place right in your own backyard. That’s wild! /Gary

Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2011
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Birds pull apart door mat to get nest-making materials

Door mat being pulled apart by birds looking for nesting materials. Photo by Bill Johnson, Walnut Creek, CA
1birdmat bill johnson wc

Perhaps you can solve the mystery of what has been happening to our front door mat.  Something has been either tearing at or eating away at this mat, as you can see in the picture.  At first I thought it might be the work of a skunk or a raccoon, but now I am wondering if certain birds are doing it.  I did see a bird fly away once from that general area.  I suppose it would make for good nesting material, but it would have been awfully hard to initially pull it apart like this.  Are birds that strong?
Bill Johnson, Walnut Creek, California

Looks like birds to me. There’s a lot of strength in those beaks. I’ve observed birds pulling on plastic window screens until they fray so they can use that material in their nests, and that stuff is a lot tougher than your door mat. I’ve also seen bird nests made out of plastic bags, which certainly improved their waterproofing. The Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek also has a crow’s nest made of electrical wire that was found in the attic of a building under construction. Birds seem to be adapting quite well to living in urban and suburban areas. That’s why I call our backyards, the “Urban Wilderness.” /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011
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Fawns living in a Walnut Creek backyard

Backyard fawns. Photo by Lucille Brooks, Walnut Creek, CA.
backyard fawns, lucille brooks, wc

Two of my back garden “pets”, living in City of Walnut Creek!  How I like to watch their growth too, always along with their mother and even bucks!
Lucille Brooks, Walnut Creek, CA

There are an amazing number of wild creatures visiting and living in our backyards. A lot of them at night, so you often don’t even know they are there. Keep your eyes and ears open, day and night. You may be surprised. That’s why I call our backyards … the Urban Wilderness. They’re wild!

Got photos you’ve taken of the wildlife that visits your own personal Urban Wilderness? E-mail me copies of the “wild” photos you’ve taken and I’ll post them here for others to see and enjoy. Thanks! /Gary

Posted on Monday, August 30th, 2010
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