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America’s wild horses need our help

Pregnant mare and youngster chased by helicopter. Photo by Elyse Gardner, Humane Observer.
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Dear readers:
Please take a moment to read Jan’s passionate comments about what’s happening to some of the last remaining wild horses in this country. And when you are finished, please add your own voice to the growing voices of others who want to do something about it. Jan suggests what you can do to help at the end of her letter. Thanks for caring. /Gary

Dear Gary:
America’s wild horses and burros need our help.  They are being taken off the Western range by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in record numbers via terrifying, inhumane helicopter roundups.

All too often they are rounded up in extreme hot or cold temperatures with no compassion for the horses – and that includes old, young, or pregnant horses – it just does not matter. Beautiful, healthy horses are run for many, many miles, family bands are then split up and stockpiled in pens.  Not only is this inhumane, but extremely expensive – hundreds and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars pay for these roundups.

The BLM is using our hard earned tax money to remove America’s wild horses and burros from Western public land – our land – and most Americans are not even aware that this is happening. This is certainly not the way to spend our tax dollars, nor the way America’s wild horses and burros should be treated. They are entitled to, and deserve, humane treatment and the right to remain free in the West.
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Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2012
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