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Peacock and wild turkeys spotted together in Antioch

Peter Peacock (right) with wild turkeys on Antioch rooftop. Photo by Valerie Gillan, Antioch, CA
1peacock turkey valerie gillan antioch

Just had to respond to your inquiry on June 29 regarding the occurrence of peacocks and turkeys together in the Bay Area.

We live in a suburban area of Antioch, but have the good fortune of having a large backyard full of trees and assorted wildlife.  For the past 3 years a peacock has “adopted” our neighborhood.  “Peter” or “Petey” can be spotted on a regular basis roaming the streets, screeching from rooftops, or perching himself on nearby fences.  He has become quite an attraction around here and we often spot folks stopping their cars to snap photos of his showy plumage.

One morning, my husband and I were out in the backyard and spotted Peter on top of our neighbor’s rooftop alongside a couple of hen turkeys! (see the attached photo above).
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Posted on Friday, July 13th, 2012
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Wild turkey family — Backyard Flying Lessons

Wild turkey mom and her chicks. Time for flying lessons. Photo by Douglas Tinney, Fremont, CA
1flying lessons douglas tinney fremont

Flying lessons in my backyard.
Douglas Tinney, Fremont, California

Wild turkeys. You gotta love them. Keep your head down! /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
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Does this squirrel think it’s a turkey? Or does the turkey think it’s a squirrel?

Backyard buddies. Photo by Patrick Barry, Pleasant Hill, CA
1squirrel turkey patrick barry ph

My old high school chum, Pat Barry, sent me the above photo taken in his backyard.

Is this a squirrel who thinks it’s a turkey … or a turkey who thinks it’s a squirrel?

You have to admit … backyards can be interesting places. That’s why I call them the “Urban Wilderness.”

There’s a lot of wild stuff going on out there! Thanks, Pat! /Gary

Posted on Thursday, April 5th, 2012
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Wild turkeys visit a local backyard (and roof). Great photos!

Wild turkeys on neighbor’s roof. Photo by Lynda Nunn, Walnut Creek, CA
1turkey lynda nunn wc

It’s not too often you can look outside and see this. These wild turkeys took up a warm spot on our neighbor’s rooftop . Such magnificent  creatures.  They would take turns resting and acting as watchful eyes. My camera clicking would alarm them some. We got to enjoy them for a good hour.

It was amazing to watch them so close up. Our daughters and Ruby (our Lab) were fascinated. You can imagine with that many in a group. The sounds were melodic.  I never knew they had those colorful feathers and how when resting, one was on lookout.
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Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
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Wild turkeys in Berkeley? (Farms in Berkeley?)

Wild turkeys on Berkeley rooftop. Photo by Mike Steinberg, Berkeley, CA
1turkey2 mike steinberg berkeley

I’m Mike Steinberg, a long time resident of Berkeley. I’ve appreciated your column for years. Occasionally I cut one out to share with friends.

I thought these pictures I took today might interest you. Across the street from my house on Cornell Ave. in Berkeley, a flock of perhaps 15-20 wild turkeys appeared out of nowhere and settled for a few  minutes on several of my neighbor’s roofs today, Dec 27. Attached are some of the  pictures I took of them.

One of my neighbors keeps chickens in her backyard and she said those chickens were very upset by the sight of these turkeys.
Mike Steinberg, Berkeley, California
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Posted on Friday, December 30th, 2011
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Bailey the Chihuahua, herding wild turkeys

Baily the Chihuahua, herding wild turkeys. Photo by Joan Morris, Walnut Creek, CA
1turkey herding bailey joan morris wc

Here’s a picture of my dog, Baily, herding wild turkeys.
Joan Morris, Walnut Creek, California

A Chihuahua herding turkeys. Wow! What a tough little dude!

Looks like he’s ready to gobble them up. /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
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“Gobble, Gobble!” (Translation: “Have a Happy Veggie Thanksgiving!”)

“Happy (vegetarian) Thanksgiving!” Photo by Joe Oliver, Walnut Creek, CA
turkey oliver2

Dear readers:
I’m off on my usual Thanksgiving Vacation and will be back on Monday, Nov. 28.



Posted on Friday, November 18th, 2011
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Wild turkeys are taking over the world!

Wild turkeys feeding on backyard grape vines. Photo by Tish Frame, Pittsburg, CA
1turkeys tish frame pittsburg

I have lived here in the hills of Pittsburg since 1985. This has never happened before.

Just a short while ago, I heard some loud banging, like someone slamming my wooden gate. Over and over. I went outside. Some of the neighbors were there pointing at the rooftops. THERE WERE TURKEYS flying from one roof to another. I spotted two on my neighbor’s roof and two on mine. I grabbed a camera, went out back, and discovered that a HUGE FLOCK of turkeys (I counted 17, but there may have been more off on other roofs or in other yards) was flying into my backyard. They were all going for the grape vines (the grapes are now shriveled raisins, whatever is left of them). What an amazing sight!
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Posted on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
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Wild turkeys come in many colors

Male wild turkey. Photo by Lloyd Hackel, Livermore, CA1wild turkey male lloyd hackel livermore

Several years ago we had a turkey who frequented our neighborhood and yard in Livermore. This year it has turned into two birds. They seem to eat bugs and seed from the bird feeder and occasionally we will treat them with a handful of peanuts. The plumage on the two birds is different; that of one being more solid in color and the other having almost a zebra like striping. Is the solid colored one an immature male or are they both females?  I have enclosed some photos.
Lloyd Hackel, Livermore, California

The wild turkey pictured above appears to be a male, and the one below is a female. They are probably a pair. There tends to be a lot of individual variation among these birds … but the males are usually more colorful than the drab females. Male heads are also brightly colored and have few feathers, while female heads are more of a drab blue/gray with some feathering. It all gets really obvious, of course, when the wild turkey males start to display! /Gary

Female wild turkey. Photo by Lloyd Hackel, Livermore, CA
1wild turkey female lloyd hackel livermore

Posted on Thursday, September 15th, 2011
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Those BIG, fat wild turkeys CAN fly! Here’s proof …

Wild turkeys on the roof! Photo by Jojy Smith, Antioch, CA.
1turkeys3 jojy smith antioch

Proof positive for the person who wrote your daily newspaper column wondering if wild turkeys can fly! Also proof that the folks in Livermore, CA, really did see a turkey on the roof! I can personally vouch that they sound like logs hitting your roof when they land! Here they are in my Antioch neighborhood “walking AND roof sitting!” They let me get pretty close to take their photos!
Jojy Smith, Antioch, California

Hard to believe these huge birds can get off the ground, but they sure can! And they’re pretty graceful, too. Flying tanks.  Check out the following e-mail about flying wild turkeys I just received from Pat Trapani at the Rossmoor Retirement Community in Walnut Creek /Gary
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Posted on Friday, September 9th, 2011
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