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Webcam: Watch the Times’ rooftop Mother Goose nesting LIVE!

Mother Goose. Contra Costa Times photo
Mother Goose1

I wrote about the Contra Costa Times’ very own “Mother Goose” here on Tuesday (March 2). You can scroll down and read what I said. She is a Canada goose who started nesting on our rooftop five years ago and has returned every spring since then to raise a new family of goslings.

Watch our Mother Goose yourself during daylight hours via our new Webcam:

Watch her preening as she sits on her nest of redwood tree duff and incubates her eggs. Watch her stand up periodically to turn the eggs carefully with her beak to make sure they are being properly incubated. NOTE: When Mother Goose takes a break, she covers her eggs with nest material to keep them insulated and warm until she returns, so don’t panic if you see an empty nest. She’ll be back soon.

Speaking of the eggs … it looks like there are at least four. If you are watching and think you can get a better count, please comment on that below. Other comments are also encouraged.

Now click on our Webcam and sit back and enjoy! /Gary

Posted on Thursday, March 4th, 2010
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Canada goose: She’s back! Times’ Mother Goose is nesting on our roof again!

Mother Goose sitting on her rooftop nest in 2009
cct goose

A female Canada goose has returned once again to build her nest on a Contra Costa Times’ rooftop for the 5th year in a row.

It almost didn’t happen.
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Posted on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
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State wildlife agencies need reform for effective stewardship of public trust

Bobcat by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, CA

I just received this from the Journal of Wildlife Management. I couldn’t agree more. /Gary

State wildlife agencies need reform for effective stewardship of public trust

The Journal of Wildlife Management: Many state wildlife agencies are dependent, financially and politically, on a single user group — hunters. Although this group should continue to be an integral part of wildlife conservation, agencies should adhere to the foundation upon which they were built — stewardship of the public trust. The Public Trust Doctrine postulates that wildlife is owned by no one and held in trust for the benefit of all.
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Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2010
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Lindsay Wildlife Museum: Volunteer training class, “Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation”

Treating coyote that was caught in a trap
me jim nancy coyote

The Lindsay Wildlife Museum, 1931 First Ave., Walnut Creek, CA, is offering a training program for volunteers, “Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation,” on Saturday, Jan. 16.

This is your last chance until next fall for training to become a wildlife hospital volunteer and help the thousands of injured and orphaned wild animals the museum receives and treats every year.This is a great opportunity for you to help wildlife in our area.
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Posted on Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
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PETS: Top 10 wild animals that attack our pets

Western rattlesnake (Brian Murphy/Walnut Creek, CA)

Pet insurer reveals claims data on animal attacks

Sometimes our pets go looking for a fight, but other times the fight comes to them — from land, sea, and even air.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. recently reviewed more than 500 laceration/bite wound claims in search of animal-inspired incidents to determine which wild animals most frequently attacked and injured companion pets in 2008.

In addition to the usual suspects —snakes, coyotes and raccoons — they also received claims for pet injuries caused by a squirrel, scorpion, javelina, porcupine, ground hog, skunk, rat, goat, beaver, woodchuck, black bear, mountain lion, hawk, rabbit, sea urchin, and jellyfish.
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Posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
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San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge: A special photo essay

Snowy egret landing ( Aric Crabb /Staff)

In 1974, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service established the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, the first urban national wildlife refuge in the country.

Thirty-five years since its inception, the refuge complex is now made up of seven distinct refuges spanning 120 miles and 44,377 acres, from Monterey County to San Pablo Bay. The refuges are home to 18 endangered and threatened species, providing protection to their habitat.

In the next year, a series of beautiful and informative photo essays by Media-News staff photographer Aric Crabb will explore the four seasons of the complex.
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Posted on Thursday, April 30th, 2009
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Endangered Species Act changes: A win for wildlife & future generations

Macho B, last known jaguar in U.S., died in early March. Photo by Arizona DFG.

Obama bounces Bush ESA changes.

The Obama administration announced Tuesday (April 28) that they would be dumping eleventh-hour Bush Administration changes to its Endangered Species Act that would have dramatically weakened the landmark wildlife protection law.

The decision will once again require federal agencies to consult with experts at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before taking action that could impact threatened or endangered species.
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Posted on Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
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Wolves killing lambs in Oregon caught on Camera

Wolves looking at dead lambs. (AP Photo/Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)
Wolf Attack

A motion-detector camera has photographed two wolves that were killing lambs on a ranch in Eastern Oregon — the first documented wolf attack on livestock in Oregon since they started moving into the state in 1999.

Baker City-area sheep rancher Curt Jacobs said Wednesday his family — third generation sheep ranchers — had been moving ewes and lambs from the ranch compound, where they had been brought in for lambing, out to pasture last week.

When his brother and nephew went out to gather a band to load into trucks Friday morning, April 12, they found more than a dozen lambs penned near the house had been driven through the fence and killed. Only a few had been eaten.
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Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2009
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2009 California Animal Legislation: Will these laws affect you?

Deer by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, California

2009 California Animal legislation as of March 29, 2009

** For copies of bills: You can subscribe for updates.
** All legislators’ addresses: State Capitol Bldg., Sacramento 95814. Directory: 916-322-9900.
** To find the names of your Assembly Member and Senator:
** E-mail addresses follow a formula. Examples: or, Letters, including hand written, by regular mail are always preferable to e-mail.
** Paw PAC 2008 California Voting Chart:
** Compiled by: Virginia Handley
** Paw Pac: P.O. Box 475012, San Francisco, CA 94147; 415-646-0622

AB 233 by Assemblyman Cameron Smyth re: Pet Adoption. SUPPORT.
Allows deduction of pet adoption fees up to $300 on state income taxes when adopted from shelters and rescue groups. To Be Heard: Assembly Revenue & Taxation. Assemblyman Charles Calderon, Chair. April 20. Write: Tell the legislators that encouraging spay/neuter will save cities/counties in animal control costs and will save countless animal lives.
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Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
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She’s BACK! Canada goose nests annually on CCTimes’ rooftop

The Newspaper Goose. Photo by Joe Boessenecker, Walnut Creek, Calif.
cct goose

A female Canada goose has returned to nest on a Contra Costa Times’ rooftop again this year for the 4th year in a row.

She’s a couple of weeks early this year and most of us here at the Times figures it probably has to do with the weather.

There’s a truck awning outside the Times’ production office. The small roof/awning covers an area where delivery trucks can back in to deliver whatever it is they are delivering. There’s a row of redwood trees nearby and dried redwood duff falls onto the top of the awning. The goose scrapes all this “soft,” dried material up into a pile, scoops out a depression in the middle and lays her eggs.
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Posted on Thursday, February 19th, 2009
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