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Martinez Beavers had a baby — a new kit!

New beaver kit in Martinez (Worth A Dam photo)
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Guess what? The Martinez beavers had a baby — a new kit!

Martinez Beavers: the next generation! a new beaver kit!
The above new beaver kit was seen by myself, Jon and Moses Silva at the footbridge, around 8 p.m. Sunday evening (July 1). The kit emerged three separate times including a tiny kit tail slap! We also heard him whine at an adult. Looks healthy and all the extended family seemed to be keeping an eye on it. Dad has moved with what appears to be a new mate into a bank location above the footbridge. Worth A Dam couldn’t be happier to know that our family is still going strong. Nearly two years to the day after mom died, life has officially gone on.
Heidi Perryman, Worth A Dam, Martinez, California
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Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012
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Beaver Festival IV is Aug. 6 in Martinez


Beaver Festival IV Promises Dam Good Time!

Q: Why did Martinez keep the beavers?
A: Because they were Worth A Dam!

Actually the answer is a little more complicated and involves a civic uprising rivaling the last 10 minutes of It’s a Wonderful Life. You’re sure to learn the whole story if you join the Festivities on August 6 in downtown Martinez, CA.
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Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011
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