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  • John Brown

    Someone please explain to me why the “Haywire” City Council has approved the spending of $86,000 of city money (read OUR tax dollars) to break the law. Setting up an indoor day worker center in South Hayward to shelter illegal immigrants, and to make it easier for them to obtain work, is an absolutely astounding misuse of public funds.

    “The hiring hall, the city’s first, will also serve as a one-stop shop where the workers – most of them undocumented Latin-American immigrants – can learn English and get assistance with health care and other basic needs.” (The Daily Review, December 13, 2006)

    How in the world does it become incumbent on Hayward’s taxpayers to support people who are in this country illegally? Why doesn’t this money come from groups such as South Hayward Parish, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, La Raz, and others? If they are all so supportive of helping illegals, why don’t they pay for all of it? Surely there are enough bleeding hearts to do that.

    Idiocy such as this not only anchors illegals who are already here by providing them with a reason to stay and incentives to do so, it also encourages others to come here and break our laws. In the same edition of the newspaper, in fact on the same pages, was an article concerning Customs agents raiding Swift meat-packing plants in 6 different states that had illegal immigrants working there! Yet, in light of this, our ever-wise city leaders approve and support the exact same thing here? Is Councilman Quirk the only one who can think rationally concerning this?

    I will be very interested to see who is going to be sued the first time one of these illegals somehow hurts himself at the hiring hall or while he is out on some job. Rest assured, it is going to happen. How many taxpayer dollars is the City Council allocating for that eventuality?

    Meantime, I wonder if anyone will be contacting ICE every now and then to complain about all of the illegal immigrants gathering every day at the auditorium of the Eden Youth and Family Center. I guarantee you, that will happen, too.

  • Monica

    I suggest going to the city council meetings that address your issues and your questions
    will be answered.