Are those ninjas outside? No, it’s the DEA!

ANDA CHU -- Staff

Many staffers at the Daily Review were just arriving at our Foothill Boulevard storefront office Tuesday morning when masked federal agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and local police came swarming into a medical marijuana clinic down the street. Suffice it to say, crime reporter Alejandro “Alex” Alfonso and photographer Anda Chu were swiftly on the scene.

The full story will be in Wednesday’s newspaper. What’s your take on the medical marijuana clubs in the Hayward area? Leave us your comments.

  • Elie Goldstein

    It’s good to see the police doing there job. These clubs distribution and writing of prescriptions to the right people are O.K. with me. It’s just the fact that anyone who wants to spend the money can attain the prescription for this so called medication. Please leave the medical distribution to the proper people.


  • Monica

    I don’t like walking or driving past the pot clubs. The presence of guards standing or
    sitting outside looks shady. I would like the location changed and the guards to be inside
    the building instead of sitting or standing outside. They look like loiterers. The police
    need to monitor the amount of mj and if that’s not possible then I guess it’s bye bye.

  • Kevin

    What a joke. I made the mistake of living in Hayward and knew at least 3 of my neighbors
    were BIG time pot sellers. Cracking down on the clinics only hurts those that need it for mostly valid reasons. Meanwhile your kids are knocking on my neighbors doors at all hours. As far as feling uneasy walking by the clinics, where in Hayward can walk without not feeling uncomfortable?

  • Monica

    Keven, I’m glad you left Hayward. We don’t need people like you in our community.