We’re not alone

Lumberjack championships

Did you know there’s another Hayward out there? It’s in Wisconsin, and it’s home to the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. What’s even weirder, they also have an Ashland area. Check out the hometown paper. And yes, the photo above is of the Lumberjack World Championships, scheduled to take place in 2007 in “the other Hayward.” Not a zucchini in sight. Go figure.


  • Last winter, a woman with a nice upper Midwestern accent called me at the office and asked something along the lines of: “So, where can I get more information about the snowmobile tournament this weekend?” I told her, well, it doesn’t snow in Hayward, and so far as I know there’s never been any snowmobiling contests around here. She begged to differ.

  • Kim Santos

    While we’re on the topic of Hayward, I came across this while surfing the Web. Pretty interesting, but don’t forget that you can’t always take Wikipedia at its word.