Signed, sealed…delivered?

What has everyone’s experience at the post office been recently? I was at the Santa Clara station today in Hayward and there was a line halfway to Zimbabwe. Is there a “secret” sleepy post office in the Review area? San Lorenzo? Castro Valley? Chime in if your local P.O. isn’t bustling with madness. Perhaps your fellow readers can benefit from such information and mail a package in under an hour!


  • Debbie Adams

    I live in San Leandro and use the post office in the Washington Plaza shopping center. It is near the Safeway and Longs Drugs. There have been about 10 people in line most days lately. I only waited in that line once, because I had a package to mail overseas.
    I have been using their new self service machine. If you are sending a package that is not too big you can follow the on-screen instructions and pay by credit card or ATM. If you only need stamps, you can buy them from the vending machine. You can use the scales in the lobby to weigh envelopes if you think they are too heavy.
    The workers in this station are very friendly and stay calm and patient despite being busy all day.

  • Monica

    I ordered all my stamps online and they were delivered to me within 3 days at the max. The website(us postage) will also help you determine how much a package will cost you. Only time I’ve gone to the post office is to the drive up and I dropped off my mail in the snorkel. There is a mini post office off Hesperian Blvd. next to the shopping center next to Kaiser. Don’t remember the name of the street but p.o. is between a car wash and a 7/11.