All roads lead to the Elephant Bar

Those who have visited Elephant Bar in Burlingame, Emeryville, Fremont or its 36 other locations might love its food and atmosphere, or consider the place a further step in the decline of civilization. Either way, the 40th version of the Pan-Pacific Rim-themed establishment is opening near Southland Mall a few days after New Year’s.


That’s right, “everything under the sun” now includes an Elephant Bar. The design of the new restaurant is going to be a “prototype,” company representatives say, but the Orange County-based entrepreneurs won’t elaborate on what sort of prototypical features the new Hayward restaurant will have.

Which leaves us in some suspense! Are they just tweaking the standard angle of the bar? Moving the frond-like ceiling fans? Or, in the future, will all Elephant Bar employees be required to dress up like mahi-mahis? I guess we’ll find out in January.