I often walk by the old Zorn’s building on the corner of A Street and Mission in Hayward. Scouring back through our archives, I see it suffered $100,000 in damage in a 2003 fire. It stands empty, plastic taped over the windows, but mail is still delivered there. Meanwhile, I believe the owners opened a new restaurant in Pleasanton. Does anyone know what is to become of our fallen Zorn’s? Will it ever be revived?


  • J. W. Kyle

    Pertinent to 12-29 bit about vacant Zorn’s Restaurant at corner of Mission and A street.

    Try to imagine the day when the famous mini-loop idea for replacement of 238 Bypass. Unless major revision occurs, A Street between Foothill and Mission will become FIVE lanes in west direction only….Zorn’s will be torn down to assist in road grade changes required by safety concerns for the needed left turn onto Mission which will, at that point in time become a one way street heading South.

    East Bound A Street will remain just two lanes and of course, not all West Bound traffic will turn left so in order to confuse all, no further change will occur on West side of Mission; some will continue being ‘granted’ opportunity to turn left in northbound direction from East Bound A.

    Ain’t life Grand ?

  • Monica

    Is this project still awaiting the EIR?

  • J. W. Kyle

    EIR ? Try checking with City’s Director of Public works! If the ‘mini-loop’ is not built and
    with so many franchise spots for Starbucks, Zorn’s ought to be torn down and the site
    offered to Hooter’s. Ain’t ‘down’ town Hayward entitled to at least one Hooter’s?

  • monica

    I can do without a hooters!

  • Erroll

    Zorn’s served a great seafood omelet.
    Does anyone know where to purchase a similar culinary delight?

  • Kim Santos

    Erroll, there is a Zorn’s in Pleasanton (on Hopyard, I believe), but I’m not sure if they still serve the seafood omelet. Here’s their number: (925) 462-0994.

  • hand holder

    more importantly, where did the beautiful waitress (Tina) go. what a knockout. sure miss flirting with her. she was about 38 when it burned down; looked 25 tops with an incredible bod and a sweetie for sure.

  • why did they paint it orange? now its eyesore!