I often walk by the old Zorn’s building on the corner of A Street and Mission in Hayward. Scouring back through our archives, I see it suffered $100,000 in damage in a 2003 fire. It stands empty, plastic taped over the windows, but mail is still delivered there. Meanwhile, I believe the owners opened a new restaurant in Pleasanton. Does anyone know what is to become of our fallen Zorn’s? Will it ever be revived?


Santa drops TMX Elmo from sled, causes temblors

Five minor earthquakes rattled the Hayward Fault in the past eight days, including one on Christmas Day that was centered just south of Garin Regional Park near the Union City-Hayward border. No big deal compared to the Internet-busting 6.7 tremor in Taiwan, but probably enough to get some of us putting a safety plan on the list of New Year’s resolutions for 2007. Got your own earthquake safety tips? Let us know.



Lake Chabot has competition

Be careful if you use the Mission Boulevard entrance to the Albertsons plaza (Mission and A). Apparently there is no drainage and a HUGE pond-like body of water has built up near Cold Stone. Drive safely, and if you happen to be walking near the “puddle,” watch out for spray from passing cars!


All roads lead to the Elephant Bar

Those who have visited Elephant Bar in Burlingame, Emeryville, Fremont or its 36 other locations might love its food and atmosphere, or consider the place a further step in the decline of civilization. Either way, the 40th version of the Pan-Pacific Rim-themed establishment is opening near Southland Mall a few days after New Year’s.


That’s right, “everything under the sun” now includes an Elephant Bar. The design of the new restaurant is going to be a “prototype,” company representatives say, but the Orange County-based entrepreneurs won’t elaborate on what sort of prototypical features the new Hayward restaurant will have.

Which leaves us in some suspense! Are they just tweaking the standard angle of the bar? Moving the frond-like ceiling fans? Or, in the future, will all Elephant Bar employees be required to dress up like mahi-mahis? I guess we’ll find out in January.


Please, Santa, can I have a 27-foot-long Mustang?


… so I can cruise down Hesperian Boulevard in style? Thanks to AutoBlog for alerting us to the eBay posting. Tuxedoed promgoers will be removed prior to sale.


Built by ABC Mustangs of Hayward, Ca., as a novelty in 1998. 289 ford motor with c-4 auto transmission. Approx 27 feet long. The frame is reinforced with 2X4 steel tubing. New front suspension. Power disc brake assembly. Power steering. Power windows. AM/FM radio. Air conditioning. Two piece drive shaft.

This car has been usd for Graduation Parties and Weddings. It has current registration runs and drives great. Gets lots of attention anywhere it goes. Tuxedo top (cloth) 6 passenger +driver and co bucket seats. ready for your modifications and upgrades.


Measuring Hayward’s diversity

We got an interesting e-mail on Monday from Hayward resident Chuck Purvis, who is also the official “Census Person” at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. It was in response to a Sunday Review article on politics, ethnic segregation and at-large vs. district elections in Hayward, which itself was prompted by a talk that Cal State East Bay professor Melissa Michelson gave on the subject last week. (You can view Michelson’s detailed presentation here: District Elections for City Council)

Warning: If, like me, the word “entropy” causes you to stare blankly into space, or makes you think vaguely of Thomas Pynchon, you might want to refresh yourself with a quick crash course before reading Chuck’s email:


I was interested in your article in Sunday’s Daily Review: “Power in Numbers.”

In terms of calculating a “diversity index”, we have relied on an index based on “entropy.” For example, if there are five groups of things, and all groups are equally represented (20% each), then there is a “perfect” diversity, with an index, or score, of 1.000. If, on the other hand, there was 100% in one category and 0% in the other four categories, then we would have a perfectly un-diverse score of 0.000.

So, I checked the Census Bureau’s American Factfinder, and downloaded the data for all places in the U.S., using the bureau’s latest 2005 American Community Survey data. The data is in Excel format, including a summary table showing the 25 most racially diverse large cities (65,000-plus population) in the entire United States. You can view ranking here.

Vallejo is the most racially diverse large city in the United States, with a diversity index of 0.945. Hayward is the second most racially diverse Continue Reading


Condo conversion debate continues

Staff file photo

A market-fueled debate over the pros and cons of condo conversions has flared up this year in cities far and wide (Palm Desert, New York City ) as well as locally (Oakland, Hayward).

On Tuesday evening, the Hayward City Council meets with the Hayward Planning Commission to deliberate over whether the city ought to tweak its longstanding condo conversion regulations. The meeting is at 5:45 p.m. at Hayward City Hall, Room 2A, 777 B St. You can view the meeting agenda here.

Also, feel free to weigh in on this issue in our forum below.


Lighten up!

5571 Century Oaks Court, Castro Valley

Here are the addresses we currently have in our holiday lights listings. If you’re looking for some nighttime wintertainment, check ’em out! The photo above, by the way, was sent in by Mike Miraglia at 5571 Century Oaks Court in Castro Valley. Mike says three of his neighbors also have displays up for your enjoyment.

739 Portola Drive
14718 Acacia St.
Continue Reading


Because you don’t have enough things to do already, right?

Reporters don’t like to tell other people what to do. But the mayor of Hayward really, really wants you to join the city’s new Clean and Green Task Force.

And we figure if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably more engaged in things Hayward than the average Joe. So here’s the info:

The City is looking for a dedicated group of people to improve the appearance of Hayward – keeping our streets free of debris, and working with property owners as part of the “Keep Hayward Clean and Green” Task Force. This 30-member group will Continue Reading


Signed, sealed…delivered?

What has everyone’s experience at the post office been recently? I was at the Santa Clara station today in Hayward and there was a line halfway to Zimbabwe. Is there a “secret” sleepy post office in the Review area? San Lorenzo? Castro Valley? Chime in if your local P.O. isn’t bustling with madness. Perhaps your fellow readers can benefit from such information and mail a package in under an hour!