Send in the 4-H floats: Hayward goes square

Is downtown Hayward’s Main Street getting straighter and squarer, or is it just a phase?

Hookalicious, the downtown hooka cafe that never was, finally showed signs that’s it’s not going to sit vacant in perpetuity. Those of you keeping track may remember that the short-lived cafe, downstairs from the Green Shutter Hotel, shut down almost as soon as city officials caught wind of it last year. What’s moving in? Supposedly, it’ll be a family-friendly coffee shop selling Fenton’s ice cream!

On the other side of B Street, we confirmed in a report today that Club Rumor’s transformation into the Funky Monkey means it is a gay bar no longer. It’s an end of an era for monthly underwear model contests, but whoever is the new house DJ gets one of the best parking spots in town: