Blonde ambition

Attractive, blonde anchors have been de rigeur for decades on San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose televison screens. Current examples are KTVU’s Julie Haener, KNTV’s Diane Dwyer, KGO’s Cheryl Jennings and KRON’s Catherine Heenan.

But Karna Small set the standard for them all. Broadcasts in the 1960s and 1970s wouldn’t have been the same without her stylish presence on KRON and KGO, with frequent flights to Los Angeles for appearances on news programs there.

Small left the Bay Area for a news broadcasting gig in the nation’s capitol, followed by six years in the Ronald Reagan White House and a period working as spokeswoman at the National Security Council.

Now, Small — using her married name, Bodman — has written a political thriller, “Checkmate.” You can check it — and Karna — out on her Web site.