Stonebrae … is that near Sunol?

The cover feature in this Saturday’s edition of Bay HomeSite, the news-like advertising insert that appears in The Daily Review and its sister papers on weekends, invited readers to that day’s “gala grand opening” of the Stonebrae Country Club.


But what was noticeably missing in the 700-word, superlative-heavy ad, which took up the entire front page of the section, was any mention of the fact that Stonebrae is located in the city of Hayward.

You can find out that it’s “the East Bay’s premiere choice for country club living.” Also, that it’s “coming today to the East Bay Hills.” And, sort of helpfully, that it’s “south of 580 atop the East Bay Hills.” You can also deduce that it’s on the west side of the hills, judging by all the 510 numbers you’re invited to call to find out more.

You might even hope to figure things out from the sepia-toned image of a khaki-clad golfer, looking out toward the Bay and “photographed on location at Stonebrae,” but the distinctive Hayward-San Mateo Bridge is smothered by a sidebar.

  • Monica

    I noticed that too! Isn’t it amazing how the realtors and developers influence the community. They went on and on about Hayward’s need for this type of housing and then they don’t even mention Hayward in their grand opening article. They make me sick! We already have Fairview that doesn’t want anything to do with Hayward, Five Canyons that dislikes Fairview and then here comes Stonebrae that will dislike all of the above and in addition choose Castro Valley and Pleasanton for their retail destination. Let’s destroy some more hills, jerks!

  • An update: Stonebrae’s latest full-page ad in the Daily Review (Sat., March 10, Bay HomeSite) featured several Hayward references.

  • Monica

    I noticed that right away! Do you think they’re reading this blog?

  • Kim Santos

    Monica, we hope so!

  • John J

    I just bought a house and the country club membership up there. If you subtract Hayward out of the equation, it’s one of the best golf community development I have ever seen. The views are ridiculous…180 degree views of the bay, including SF skyline! The golf course is amazing with views and only a few holes with “planned” homes on them. This is unheard of. They left most of the acres untouched. The course designer is big on letting the natural landscape be part of the course. Check out Bandon Dunes. I’m okay with Hayward in general, but I was concerned about the school district since I have two young ones. But the new K-6 school is really nice and new. I figure 80% of how kids do in school was up to the parents anyways, so I’m not that concerned. After that, they can go to private if needed. I’ve always lived in the East Bay and much prefer it over the “Valley” where you know how people can be there. I also dreamed of a nice home on a beautiful golf course. It’s my dream come true…let’s just hope that Stonebrae’s big plans workout. Everything will be dependent on how the developer does since they own the golf course. With the market slow down, this will either be BIG over time or an average development on an average course. I’m hoping for it to be BIG.

  • monica

    John, what do you mean “if you subtract hayward out of the equation?”

  • fernando hernandez

    So, John:
    How are people in the valley?

  • Monica,
    I don’t share your cynical views and most reasonable people probably don’t either. I think it’s a case of sour grapes. Be happy where you are or if not, work harder and aspire for better without thinking that there’s some type of conspiracy. This country is based on hard work and progress, not cynical envy.

    John, thank you for your civil commentary.

  • monica

    Dan, thank you for your civil commentary.

  • Damon


    Which community did you buy your home, Toll brothers or Standard Pacific?
    which plan did u get?

  • Allan

    I also joined Stonebrae, however I live on Kelly Hill. Monica, probably the best suggestion I could give you would be to visit the Golf Course and ask for a tour of the facility, this should resolve any questions or concerns that you may have on the efforts made by Stonebrae to preserve the hills.

  • monica ruiz

    I live on D street and experience fairview hill traffic daily. All I know is that most of you don’tto drive within the speed limit and zoom down the hill like idiots.

  • monica ruiz

    Can someone please fix the “post a comment” box, IT’S SO IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim Santos

    Are you talking about some of the words not being visible when you type in the comment box? I asked, and there’s no way to fix it. 🙁

  • monica ruiz

    thanks for the feedback:)

  • shoulderdoc

    I will be visiting the Bay area in a few weeks. Would any of the posters that are members at StoneBrae consider playing with me?