Stonebrae … is that near Sunol?

The cover feature in this Saturday’s edition of Bay HomeSite, the news-like advertising insert that appears in The Daily Review and its sister papers on weekends, invited readers to that day’s “gala grand opening” of the Stonebrae Country Club.


But what was noticeably missing in the 700-word, superlative-heavy ad, which took up the entire front page of the section, was any mention of the fact that Stonebrae is located in the city of Hayward.

You can find out that it’s “the East Bay’s premiere choice for country club living.” Also, that it’s “coming today to the East Bay Hills.” And, sort of helpfully, that it’s “south of 580 atop the East Bay Hills.” You can also deduce that it’s on the west side of the hills, judging by all the 510 numbers you’re invited to call to find out more.

You might even hope to figure things out from the sepia-toned image of a khaki-clad golfer, looking out toward the Bay and “photographed on location at Stonebrae,” but the distinctive Hayward-San Mateo Bridge is smothered by a sidebar.