Could there be hope for the Marina after all?

Although the City Council may be thinking about scrapping the San Leandro Marina because of the enormous cost of dredging, it seems as though some in the area aren’t satisfied with that option.

Case in point, this is an e-mail we received from a reader giving his two cents:

There is NO WAY that the East Bay (or Bay Area) could tolerate the closure of the most beautiful marina in the region. I have some suggestions I’d like to present to the City Coucil regarding other ways for the Marina to cover the costs of Marina dredging:

1) Nominal Entrance Fee at Marina Entrance across from the Comcast Building.

Although this would create a traffic backup on Marina Blvd, It sure would beat having an empty Marina Blvd because there is no Marina. Tolls could be $2-$5 for non-resident vehicles with permits issued for marina and/or San Leandro residents.

2) Commercialize the Boating/Yachting section.

All those rusty boats sitting should be removed for public use boats which could be rented by the public for parties, corporate meetings and special events. My wife and I tried to rent a sailboat when we first moved to the marina, only to be told that no one rents any boats or conducted any tours of the Bay. We were, to say the least, astonished.

This makes me wonder if any other San Leandrans have any viable alternatives for the Marina? Share your thoughts with us.


  • Charles

    I remember when San Leandro spent millions to fix up the Marina, raised rents, and saw boats and businesses flee. I think returning it to bird habitat is a fair idea except the Oakland Airport poses a danger to the birds. Perhaps we could privatize it – sell it to the highest bidder.