Joan Kowal can’t rub HUSD off her shoulder

Her controversial tenure as superintendent of the Hayward Unified School District is dogging Joan Kowal again as she seeks school chief jobs elsewhere in the country.

It came up in Seattle a few years ago and most recently in Indiana. A report in today’s Evansville Courier & Press mentions Kowal’s “rocky” experience in Hayward.

As news organizations have made their content more accessible and easily searchable online, it can be harder for public officials, or anyone, to escape the baggage of past controversies — even if they might be dependent on local circumstances. We’re interested to hear if you think that’s a good or a bad thing.

  • Gary Steinberger

    I believe the availability of public information is vital to notify other cities and citizens of the pro’s and con’s of a person’s ability to handle job duties and the concerns of the people. To hide the bad issues and take on another respectible job somewhere else is decieving and shortchanging the public trust and abusing tax dollars.

  • Maribel Heredia

    It is a great thing to be able to dig up peoples past unethical behavior. Especially if it someone who will be administratiing the little money the government spends on education. For example Barry Schimmel made a mess in San Jose now he is in Hayward making a mess, next mont when he is looking for a job I hope those interested people look up his experiance with Hayward and think about it twice before they hire him.

  • Mikey Bhang

    I ask myself if Kowal is part of the death-squad crypto-government in this country.